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Translation with Notes

Lasadel ia Ulf / Lady and [the] Wolf (Gwerke ha Iain d'Clanns) / (Spoken by Iain d'Clanns)
Original Translated Literal
Sarke pa anduhle ve telga. It was beautiful in [the] forest. be-past it day-beautiful in forest.
Sarke fostrita dyrisaen rae telga. Peaceful were [the] beasts of [the] forest. be-past peace-full beasts of forest.
Sarke seormapha tais rae audru urfe. Dark cloud were sky of storm [in] afternoon. be-past dark-cloud sky of storm afternoon.
Hentorke lasadel ve telga. [The] lady traveled in [the] forest. Travel-past lady in forest.
Sarke dela rae zindumor. She was of [a] great house. be-past her/she of manor.
Sarke shosau dela ve telga, kho remerke dela lortaen ae jantras delan. New was she in [the] forest, but she needed plants at her marriage. be-past new? her in forest, but need-past her plants at marriage-her.
Karkedin dela neivgaen rae zindu, ia sarke lortger teil gam. She had no commoners of [her] house, and herbalist was old village.

[and was an herbalist from an old village?]

Have-past-not she low-people of house, and be-past plant-person village old.
Hentorke dela desu. She traveled long.


travel-past she long.
Ae sumiwen, halmirke lasadel ri dael ve telga. At evening, [the] lady came to [a] path in [the] forest. At evening, come-past lady to path in forest.
Sarke ulf ae dael, ulf seord mor. [The] wolf was at [the] path, [a] [very] dark wolf. be-past wolf at path, wolf dark great.
Aevirke ulf lasadal ia bueserke wirue. [The] wolf saw [the] lady and smiled evilly. see-past wolf lady and smile-past(v) evil-ly. [-ue must be adverb inflection]
"Sumiwen sann, lasadelahle," gwerke ulf. "Sar tema ve telga aman, an?" "Good evening, beautiful lady," spoke [the] wolf. "You are in my forest, yes?" "Evening good, lady-beautiful," speak-past wolf. "be-? you in forest my, yes?"
"Sadin telga teman," gwerke buesitau lasadel. "[The] forest is not yours," said [the] lady smilefully. "be-not forest yours," speak-past smile-full lady.
"Ahhh, kho sa ama gwemarger morlam rae telga, ia achor gaen ama!" gwerke ulf. "Ah, but I am [a] strong hunter of [the] forest, and people fear me!" said [the] wolf. "Ah, but be I hunter strong of forest, and fear people me!" speak-past wolf.
"Achordin ama tema, ulfdihle," gwerke lasadel. "I do not fear you, ugly wofl," said [the] lady. "fear-not I you, wolf-ugly," speak-past lady.
"Sadin tema lasadel lyo," gwerke seorditau ulf. "Gwelderal ama tema!" "You are not [a] wise lady," said [the] wolf darkfully. "I will kill you!" "be-not you lady wise," speak-past dark-full wolf. "Kill-fut(v) I you!"
"Ce gwelder tema ama, saraldin tema lyu," gwerke buesitau lasadel. "If you kill me, you will be not wisely," said [the] lady smilefully.

[perhaps, "you will not be wise" is intended here?]

"If kill you me, be-fut-not you wisely," speak-past smile-full lady.
"Sa lof pa?" gwerke ulf. "How is it?" spoke [the] wolf. "be how it?" speak-past wolf.
"Mivar ama pomsa denenshon rae telga. Sadin pa tema!" gwerke lasadel. "I know [who is the] king of [the] forest. It is not you!" said [the] lady.

[perhaps meant pomger (who)]

"know I what-be king of forest. be-not it you!" speak-past lady.
"Thabar ama pomsa denenshon rae telga!" gwerke ulf. "I say [who is the] king of [the] forest!" said [the] wolf. Tell I what-be king of forest!" speak-past wolf.
"Sa bars denenshon rae telga. Gwelderal dena tema," gwerke lasadel. "[The] tiger is king of [the] forest. He will kill you," said [the] lady. "be tiger king of forest. Kill-fut(v) he you," speak-past lady.
"Ce gwelder ama bars, saral ama denenshon rae telga, an?" gwerke ulf. "If I kill [the] tiger, I will be king of [the] forest, yes?" spoke [the] wolf. "if kill I tiger, be-fut I king of forest, yes?" speak-past wolf.
"Sarfa tema," gwerke buesitau lasadel. "It could be you," said [the] lady smilefully. "be-could? you," speak-past smile-full lady.
Hevorke ulf wir seord veri telga. [The] dark, evil wolf traveled into forest. travel-past wolf evil dark in-to forest.
Ae surmi, halmirke dena hana ri dael telga. At night, he came back to the forest path. At night, come-past he back to path forest.
Karke dena bars pomsake camavtai. He had [the] tiger [what was ?]

[it sounds like a poetic 'to be with the stars' (killed him)]

have-past he tiger what-be-past with-stars.
"Sa ama denenshon rae telga, an?" gwerke ulf. "I am king of [the] forest, yes?" said the wolf. "be I king of forest, yes?" speak-past wolf.
Kho aevirdin dena lasadel. But he did not see [the] lady. But see-not he lady.
Sarke dela ae tref. She was at home. be-past she at home.
Sarke ulf gwemarger morlam. [The] wolf was [a] strong hunter. be-past wolf hunter strong.
Sarke dena denenshon rae telga, kho sarke dena lyodin. He was king of [the] forest, but he was foolish. be-past he king of forest, but be-past he foolish.
Sarke lasadel lyo. The lady was wise. be-past lady wise.

--DAEMETHEUS (talk) 15:31, 28 October 2016 (CDT)