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Cleric Introduction Speech

Jelna Sarik gazes at you for a moment and speaks, words soft but clear, "The guild of Clerics is devoted to the Holy magics and to serving our Gods. We practice our arts in many ways but all goals are the same in the end; to preserve and sanctify those whom the Gods have put into our care, to lead them out of the shadows of Death and to aid them in their own quests. We fight if we must, but our strength lies not in arms primarily. Our true powers come from those whom we follow and from them we get abilities according to our own worth and discipline. The gods are our test and our reward."

Jelna Sarik gazes at you, judging your intentions and motives. "To become a cleric is simple in and of itself. All you must do is JOIN. But be warned. The path, once it becomes deeply set, cannot be reversed, and the Gods have little patience with one who trifles with them. Be sure your meditations are complete before you take up our ways."

Jelna Sarik turns from you to a small altar where she lights a tiny candle. "This is your old way of life," she says. She then extinguishes it. She captures the smoke from the dead flame in a tiny crystal bottle and lights a small amount of fragrant incense in a dish. The aroma rises in a gentle cloud. She pours out the captured smoke of your former life and watches as it mingles with the rising incense. Silently, she gestures for you to approach. "Inhale the smoke," she whispers. "Take on your new destiny." You carefully do as instructed and feel a tingle all over. "Now you belong to the Gods," the guild leader intones.

Jelna Sarik gazes at you and smiles a welcome. "Greetings, young Cleric! It is a blessing to see one such as yourself seeking out the paths of the Holy."

"First," she says, "it is important that you memorize the location of our Guild. For here is where you will receive your blessed training and where you will practice your skills. And truly I say unto you that you will need training, for no one living is perfect in all things."

"You have chosen a difficult path, Cleric," says Jelna Sarik. "The way to Holiness is not for the casual traveller or the faint of heart. Many will be your trials and tribulations, but great will be your rewards, both spiritual and temporal if you persevere." The guild leader gazes at you with gentle but piercing eyes.
After a moment, she continues, "Here, you will be trained in the rituals needed to further your service to your God or Goddess. We take no position on who is worshipped, so long as your devotion is genuine."

She adds, "In addition, you will receive education in the arts of Holy Magic and such weaponry training as is needed to ensure your survival."

"Equip yourself well," Jelna Sarik says. "Get thee arms suitable for your defense and such armor as you deem good to protect you while you learn our ways."

Jelna Sarik looks at you solemnly. "You have taken your first step into a larger world, one beyond the limits of mortal flesh and blood. Think deeply before you commit further, for the Gods do not take lightly those who misuse their gifts."
Jelna Sarik pauses, and you sense she is waiting to impart some final knowledge upon you.

"The Gods have looked favorably on your quest with us," she says softly. "They have blessed you already with an increased awareness of your latent abilities. Go now and seek to understand how you have grown in power.
"Remember though," she warns you, "never abuse your skills or take them for granted, for what the Gods give, they also can remove."