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Sect Affiliation

Anyone know hers?--Antendren 15:50, 18 September 2010 (UTC)

Moon Mage Introduction Speech

Gylwyn smiles proudly. "The Moon Mage guild is a wondrous house of knowledge and mystery. Never a day should pass that appears more tedious when something new does not catch the eye or the mind. Hard times come and go just as quickly as the good ones do, but this guild has always been my home, and always a shelter to the proverbial storms of life to its numerous members. The hunger for knowledge is a terrifying beast when left uncared for, but within the confines of the guild halls and beneath the stars above lies more than enough to quench any desire, no matter how gluttonous it can become."

Gylwyn smiles as she looks up from a pile of scrolls layered across the desk, noticing you. "Welcome. If you wish to seek to learn the ways of the Moon Mages, simply JOIN."

Gylwyn beams happily. "Now you are one of us!" she exclaims as she gives you a warm hug. "Now sit and we shall begin your studies!" Gylwyn starts to lecture you on the rights and responsibilities of a Moon Mage. After several weeks of intense study understanding begins to come, and at long last she calls you before her one day for some final instruction.

Gylwyn looks up from the scroll she was studying and says, "Greetings, Moon Mage. I am pleased that you have come -- I've been expecting you for some time now. I am Guild Leader Gylwyn, and it is my calling to set those seeking the path of lunar magic on their first steps on the road to their destiny. It is my hope that you will join us, for I see in you a thirst for knowledge, and it is both that desire and the lessons you will learn pursuing it that will bring you the power you seek. Be forewarned -- with the culmination of knowledge and power, comes great responsibility, and to abuse it, will only lead to your ruin. The Moon Mage guild has its share of prime examples of this fact, many of which I suggest you study and take the lessons you find to heart."

Gylwyn raises her arms high as a million images spring to life within your mind. "The Moon Mage guild was formed long ago, when the rulers of Elanthia began to fear our power for its possibilities, moreso than the factual applications. The practicioners of lunar magic at the time were comprised of various sects -- no one remembers anymore exactly how many. The knowledge and fear of our power grew and grew, until finally we were forced to make a choice; become a united group under the "protective" eyes of the Emperor, give up using our magic at all, or be forced into becoming criminal outcasts of the empire. Six of the sects chose to sign the Lunar Accord and formed a ruling council, thus forming the guild."

Gylwyn continues, a concerned look creasing her brow. "The accord served us well under its own tenets, until recently, when events set in motion at the demise of one of our most powerful and dark members came to fruition. The sects broke with the accord and opened their doors once again to allow membership to those seeking a specific path and method of instruction. Today, the guild survives under the ever watchful gaze of the various provincial rulers." Gylwyn reaches forth her hand, a small shimmering ball of light rising just above her palm. Gazing within, a myriad of images swirl before your eyes detailing the history as Gylwyn explains, leaving you with the sensation that you witnessed it all, first hand.

Gylwyn eyes you carefully, her voice taking on a serious tone. "The tale I tell you is not to dissuade you from our guild, but to show you how the quest for power of just one individual can rend asunder something that has managed to survive the fall of an empire, great wars, and the very passage of time. Arrogance, deceit, and the mantle of power were the tools that brought about the fall of the pact that bound us all together. Now, we look to a new future, a destiny where we are all more watchful of how our magic is used and abused. This is not to say one can not achieve great power, but that there are always those who will watch closely how you use it, to ensure that we have no fear of a repeat of the past."

Gylwyn smiles at you, her voice relaxing to a much calmer tone. "You have a new life ahead of you and there are numerous paths that lie stretched forth into the future. Anyone can take a chance and just pick one, but as a Moon Mage, you'll learn how to use the gift of foresight so you can choose your paths with care. It is the fool who jumps without first looking first at what lies ahead, even if the way is clear. The wise man studies all possibilities, and using instinct, experience, and knowledge, formulates which choice they wish to make. Destiny is not unbreakable - it is not the most malleable of subjects, nor is it beyond our grasp to form as we see fit."

Gylwyn says, "If you still wish to set forth upon the path of lunar magic, I would be honored and proud to help guide your steps for a time. Eventually, you will need to set out to seek the other guild leaders and learn the different things they have to teach. While we all can teach you the education you need, often it is the experiences one gains along the journey that teaches more than any of us can. This is my belief at least, and my reason for sending you out to learn from the other masters of our art when I feel the time is right. You may of course venture to them sooner, if you wish." Gylwyn smiles warmly at you, a hopeful look of anticipation shining brightly in her eyes.

Gylwyn smiles warmly at you and says, "Since you have accomplished so much today, if you will ask me about magic I will gladly determine if you are able to learn a new spell."