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Example of Sharing Shock

You sense a successful empathic link has been forged between you and XXX. You feel the burning fire of pain and suffering building slowly as you instinctively draw out the truth behind XXX's injuries. You sense XXX's Empathic abilities have darkened due to empathic shock. You involuntarily draw back as a shiver of fear and disgust pierces your soul. >take XXX shock You touch XXX. You cringe as you brace yourself for the psychic explosion of pain by accepting some of the empathic shock afflicting your brother.

A white spirit cord forms between you and XXX. A pulse of black energy flashes from XXX, traveling along the cord until it strikes your body with an intense psychic shock. The world seems to fade around you and your link to all living things darkens. You collapse. You feel a sudden spiritual shock as the link shatters. [And at this point, I was prone. No stun.]

Circling & Spells

Following a long period of being shocked, Szrael decided to test the whole "can you circle and learn spells while shocked thing" by sharing my shock. --Zamara 06:52, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

Annael Ebeshalek says, "Congratulations, Szrael! You did it! You're ready to train for your next rank!" Szrael says, "Well." Szrael says, "We can circle when shocked." Szrael says, "And learn spells." Szrael says, "Let it be known."

Shock Levels & Healing

Added the shock levels from the cassava root from Guildfest. I also was able to continue healing others up until I got the "imperceptible" level then I was unable to heal at all. (Not sure how to sign my name to these that includes the date/time...) --Damiza 17:26PM central, August 10, 2019