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Notes from Kodius

(Some of these are out of date as of the most recent test release, so these have been moved to talk page)

Founts are tools used during enchanting that control how the completed enchantment manages mana. Founts change the complexity (size) of the enchantment. The easier-to-use and longer-lasting enchantments will not "fit" on anything less than a material with high enchantability.

In this way, Artificing is like Blacksmithing. They'll be producing the lion's share of tools for the trade.

Foci start with Holy (it is the most difficult). Each type unlocks the crafting ability for Foci of that mana type. Combined Foci allow for multi-mana ritual foci. Weaponized Foci are TM Foci and other things we have in mind. Exotic Foci may refer to Sorcerous Foci someday.

Basic Artificing will produce a whole host of really trivial magic items. Glow stones, fireworks beads, elemental wands, fire starters, etc.

Advanced Artificing will produce more utility enchanted items.

Runestones and Wands are self explanatory I hope.

Enchanting Tools refers to Burins, Braziers and other items used in the process.

Exotic Artificing is a catch-all for future expansion.

Some artifacts will need periodic repair, so there are some techniques for that. Still debating how to handle this. Most artifacts will be temporary in some way or another. I'm guessing we'll have a Min/Max durability/uses/timelimit. Each repair lowers the max until the item breaks.

The last 3 techniques give bonuses to the crafting process.