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Restricted Materials additions

The lists have been updated to auto-populate now. If an item is missing, this will assist you getting it added:

  • On the item page you need to add, the inline edit for "provided for alterations" should be set to true. Here is a copy/paste for that:
This <item> is required to be provided for [[alterations]].[[provided for alterations::true| ]]
  • If an additional, short note is needed for clarification on the item in the list, for example that it has alteration restrictions for use or is a specific sub-material like runestone material, add the following additional inline edit, where the <message> is updated to the clarification note:
[[alteration restriction notes::<message>| ]]
  • Before saving the update, confirm that the item is in the correct category for that item type. The following is the current list of used categories and should be self explanatory for the materials list:
  • Bone
  • Fabric
  • Gems
  • Leather
  • Metals
  • Rare flowers
  • Stone
  • Woods