Talisman of Demetrios

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When the elderly warrior mage Demetrios Chytros lay dying, he moved his restless spirit into a singularly enruned platinum talisman. It had been his desire to create an artifact that would move the user to whatever location they desired, be it near or far, as long as it was clearly envisioned and somewhere within the known world.

Alas, Demetrios died midway through the process, and despite the eloquent assistance of his colleague S'prntss, the procedure was flawed. The Talisman of Demetrios will indeed send the user anywhere in the known world, but the choice of location appears completely randomized. Several heroes have died, eager to tame and control the power of the Talisman, their bodies vaporized in the heat of a volcano or preserved, perfect but dead, in the ice flow of glaciers.

Each time the Talisman has left the body of its deceased owner and returned to rest atop the coffin containing the remains of Demetrios in his former estate in Nightvision. At the last such instance 125 years ago the Talisman was removed by royal decree to the province museum, from which it was stolen some 73 years later, still awaiting for paperwork to facilitate its transfer to Asemath Academy. The whereabouts of the Talisman of Demetrios have been unknown since that time.