Taisidon cruise coordinator

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Taisidon cruise coordinator
Status: Alive
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Location: A'baya Esplanade
Associates: Taisidon tour director

The director will grant you access to the Morada as part of the Taisidon Mystery event if you have a boarding pass.


The cruise coordinator is an athletic Elothean woman with sun-kissed features. She wears a white linen uniform that is neatly pressed with crisp creases.
[You may redeem Taisidon Mystery cruise boarding passes here.]


  • (default): A Taisidon cruise coordinator pauses to consider that. "Can't say that I have anything to say to that."
  • coordinator: A Taisidon cruise coordinator shrugs. "I don't like talking about myself. Sorry, madam. I'm just here to do a job."