Taisidon Bait 'n' Tackle

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Taisidon Bait 'n' Tackle
Event Taisidon Safari 412, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Fishing Supply shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Taisidon Bait 'n' Tackle]
Huge chunks of bamboo have been cut and hollowed out, forming small barrels scattered about the room. The pungent smell of dead fish mixes with less identifiable odors to create a somewhat overpowering stench. A dog-eared, water-spotted, and odiferous catalog rests on a tall barrel, next to a fish-weighing scale and a badly scrawled blackboard, while additional items are on display upon the nearby racks. You also see La'uaro.
Obvious paths: out.

On the rattan rack
Item Price Done
birch-bark fishing creel tied with small wooden fish 2,000   No
woven willow fishing creel with an ivory scrimshaw lid 6,000   No
woven reed fishing creel trimmed with rolled leather 2,200   No
braided cane fishing creel with a brass mermaid clasp 4,000   No
On the bamboo rack
Item Price Done
gauzy azure fisherman's shirt with small cargo pockets 2,500   No
white linen fisherman's shirt with rolled up sleeves 2,500   No
sand-hued fisherman's shirt with colorful embroidery along the back 3,000   No
brightly flowered fisherman's shirt with bobber-shaped buttons 2,500   No
On the willow rack
Item Price Done
camouflage safari hat dangling a corded chin strap 3,000   No
khaki-hued fisherman's hat decorated with colorful fishing lures 3,200   No
straw sun hat banded with bright red ribbon 3,000   No
canvas fisherman's cap with a draping sun guard 3,500   No
Page 1 - Bait - By the Box
Item Price Done
Lightly Garlic-flavored Bread ?   No
Miscellaneous Bits of Meat ?   No
Plump Live Grasshoppers ?   No
Well-aged Fish ?   No
Hand-carved Minnows ?   No
Page 2 - Hooks - Sold in Packs of 3
Item Price Done
Size 12 Hooks ?   No
Size 50 Hooks ?   No
Page 3 - Lines - Sold in Packs of 3
Item Price Done
Type 5 Line ?   No
Type 8 Line ?   No
Page 4 - Poles
Item Price Done
Bamboo Fishing Pole ?   No
Cane Fishing Pole ?   No
Cork-handled Fishing Pole ?   No
Silver-banded Fishing Pole ?   No