Taisgath Guardian

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Still quite young for an elf, barely into her second century, she is lean, trim, and heavily tanned. She casually saunters along her patrol wearing a welcoming smile. She is dressed in a vibrant orange sarong embroidered with azure hibiscus blooms and a matching bandeau, and is not visibly armed.

Conversation Topics


She smiles fondly, "She visits here from time to time. Always a very nice and pleasant sort, though you wouldn't believe the stories she'll tell if you can get a few drinks in her!"


She snorts, "They like to think they're the only 'proper Moon Mages'. It's not like they even have a council to dominate anymore."


She looks slightly downtrodden, "Even those who still remember the council seem to have given up the fight and let Taramaine have his way. It's a little sad really."

G'Nar Peth

She snickers, "They're playing with a one card deck if you catch my meaning."


She shrugs, "None too bright, but easy on the eyes if you know what I mean, and I think you do. I still canít imagine what she did earn a guildhall in the first place, let alone regain enough trust to given a second."


She smiles broadly, "Though I follow the Path I am not nearly as well-spoken as the representative from the Sel Dyrtais. You should talk to him for a better understanding of our ways."

Heritage House

She shrugs, "Ever since the end of the Prophecy they seem to think they're they only force holding the Guild together, but in the end they've just managed to fragment us more."


She shudders, "Let's just say I'm glad there's an entire ocean between that him and me, and I hope that's enough."


She sighs, "They're always so serious and boring. They miss out on so much of life by shutting the world out to focus on self-improvement."


She smiles fondly, "Master Lomtaun is a gentle and wise soul who has cared for this island since before I was born. Consider yourself lucky if you ever have chance to see him wield a moonblade, for none have ever approached his level of artistry."


She relates, "I once had one try and explain to me how he'd made his grandmother into a set of divination bones, and this was supposed to be an act of respect. Disturbing. At least they know how to drink and have a good time."

Prophecy (Mirror Wraith)

She grows slightly pale, "A very dark time for the Guild. I'm afraid I don't have time to relate the entire tale; however you could visit our library."


She nods, "Taisgath, or Sky Magic, is named for the obelisk. Since the discovery of the obelisk the Moon Mage Guild has laid claim to the island."


She smiles half-heartedly, "I'm not sure that man was ever really meant for leadership, but that hasn't stopped him from trying. I'm sure he means well."


She shakes her head grimly, "Will her legacy ever cease haunting us? Master Lomtaun has told me tales of her escape, it sounds like an awful time."


She replies, "A very serene man, but between you and me I think his current guildhall is compensation for all those years spent in the snow."