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Syndic Arnile Hanskwin
Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Trader
Race: Human
Gender: Male


outside the Ratha Trader Guldhall

Found just outside the doors:

Poised with one foot propped on a pile of carved scrolls, the Human portrayed faces away from the guild entrance, his vacant marble gaze staring unerringly toward the distant horizon. Frozen in mid-raise, a golden telescope with cut crystal lenses rests in his immobile fingers while the sinuous cut of his elaborate greatcloak speaks of a strong but hidden breeze. Chiseled deep into the stone beneath his booted feet is a long declaration.
There seems to be something written on it.
Dedicated to Syndic Arnile Hanskwin, Founder of the modern Traders' Guild.
Scholar and merchant, he believed that had there been a unified Trade Guild, the Five Provinces would not have been conquered by the Dragon Priests in the confusion of differing local trade restrictions. An overarching Guild would allow the flow of goods while permitting open entry to any who wanted to join.
Syndic Hanskwin vowed that never again would one group of people control the trade of an entire continent. And none has.