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Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime


Slaughter Chief Steinnar, a Kaldaran Barbarian.
Steinnar has a square face, emerald eyes and a straight nose. His golden brown hair is short and thick, and is worn slicked back away from his face.
He has tanned skin and a brawny build.
He is very tall for a Kaldar.
He appears to be an adult.
He has several iroko bars in differing shades placed in a neat row down the length of his beard.

He is wearing a rich brown cashmere scarf loosely wrapped around the lower face and throat, an enveloping outrider's cloak crafted from bias-cut burel, an ice-veined leather bandolier with jagged silversteel fasteners, a broad brown brocade baldric beset by bronze beasts, a tribal war belt tethered with ghastly shrunken heads, a sinuous leather bullwhip, a ragged reaver-pelt loincloth with jade plates along the waistline and a pair of distressed leather boots fastened with rows of blued steel buckles.


Steinnar was born on the 4/25/397 in the Reshalia sea aboard a trading ship carrying a group of Kaldar fleeing Albaria. His father was a soldier in the Gorbesh Army. Narrowly escaping an attack on his outpost, he was able to warn the nearby village where his pregnant wife and family lived. Most of the village was able to board a docked ship and take to the sea, but a furious storm pushed the ship far to the north and forced our hero from the womb that held him. Eventually they crash landed on a small island in Qi'Reshalia. Steinnar's family made it to Ratha and decided to create a new life in Kermoria.

Growing up in the lowest class on Ratha led Steinnar to a life of crime, most of his childhood friends were hooligans. Steinnar was always the biggest, always the one to get the gang out of whatever mess they were in with his fists. He was a street fighter through and through, hustling and bustling his way up and down the piers. Amassing wealth off drunken sailors and other hapless victims, all to help pay the clinical bills for his ailing wife, a beautiful Kaldar girl he had grown up with. Her family had escaped on the same ship as his. His love for her and their life together was worth anyone's coinpurse, and they dreamed of children and a homestead far away from the grime of Ratha's ports.

As his reputation in the alleys grew he caught the attention of professional Thieves. Eventually he was told to meet the Entrepreneur. Steinnar was welcomed into the Guild and quickly moved up the ranks. His brother, a devout Paladin, helped Steinnar with the passing of his wife as her ailments finally took his love from him. His elder brother suggested a pilgrimage and the two set sail for the mainland to cleanse their souls and seek guidance. Life as a criminal got hard for him while travelling with a Holy Warrior, but he was able to sneak from the altars and roads to find taverns and brothels to get his fix of trouble. When the pilgrimage was complete the brothers decided Riverhaven would be home. Steinnar introduced himself to the Birds and continued on with his training. As it turned out, the Birds did not tolerate as much as the Entrepreneur and he found himself getting beat up by the Thugs fairly often. After being tossed into the Segoltha for the fifth time by Thugs he decided he was done with his life of crime. He crawled to the bank of the river and hobbled his way to Mo.

Steinnar tucked his dagger into his boots for the last time and bought a heavy windsteel maul, worthy of his new life as a Barbarian. He moved south, north, east and west until he settled in Langenfirth and made himself known to the locals as a trustworthy and friendly warrior. Fate had different plans for him...

A tall and thin Human woman saw potential in him and took it upon herself to teach him. Her teachings helped him sharpen his mind and body, although at the cost of his spirit. Unbeknownst to him, she was a student of the dead. Steinnar's mind and heart soured as her madness latched onto him as much as her experience; she revealed to him that she was a Necromancer. Steinnar was too deep to resist her, regardless of his brother's effort. His relationship with his friends and the local Therengians turned quickly after he took the trip to the dreaded swamp and swore his life to Her. His own brother gave up and left to a monastery, praying for Steinnar's soul. Steinnar joined her on sacrificing and defiling the dead as if it was his own profession. His strength grew and he moved closer to the demonic presence that powered her.

The Warrior soon found himself at odds with everyone he knew, few would still speak to him as his reputation grew as Her thrall. Though his spirit wavered, his pride never did; he decided it was time to free himself and forge his own path again, seeking the aid of some Theren Guardsmen he might be able to still call friends…

Steinnar broke his vows and returned to the North, seeking the welcome of familiar faces. Though he could not shake his history, the North allowed him to stay, but would not swear him in to their fold. Steinnar protested but it fell on deaf ears. He pleaded, he begged, but he was rejected and turned furious. The Dwarven Paladin he once thought a friend was now a liar, someone who delivered a promise of a new life and was unable to convince his superiors of Steinnar's trustworthiness. The Barbarian turned to rage, accusing the North of breaking their vow to him, he was unable to keep control. He found himself at arms against them, using a magical device to sear the eyes of those who watched him as his exwife took advantage and attacked.

The Kaldar woke once again in Her arms, far removed and mind fuzzied from Langenfirth, he tried to remember what had happened....she would only say "You came home". For weeks he drowned himself in liquor and Her, swallowing his defeat and rejection. As he wandered and wallowed in his agony he met a kind Elven woman who managed to build his confidence back up enough to leave Her, forever burning the bridge they had built. Her vengeance was swift and merciless, his blood flowed in the fields and streets of the Crossings for months until she moved on.

He was informed by members of the Theren Guard that the Baron himself had ordered Steinnar banished from Therengia and any trespass would be punishable by death. Steinnar took this to heart and decided that any Therengian he crossed would meet the same punishment, readying his sword against anyone who aimed to keep the Baron's decree.

Steinnar's war lasted five seasons, skirmishes and ambushes all across the province. The Warrior set fires across Langenfirth and El'Bains, tried to burn down the walls of Rossman's Landing but was caught by Nefarious and Sturm. He survived the encounter but was forced to retreat, reassessing his strategy he decided to challenge the man who brought all of this on him, Rairken.

Steinnar sent word to Rairken, a simple request; Meet me in single combat and end this conflict. With sinister snicker, Rairken accepted and met the Kaldar in Zoluren to fight. A small crowd gathered to witness the battle as the Human used his foul sorcerous magic to wound the Barbarian into submission. The Kaldar was outmatched and realized now was not the time to fight but to keep his word and accept the truce. Though his pride suffered, the agreement was made and will be honored, the war is over.

Custom Items

A windsteel-hilted glaes greatsword set with an ice sapphire pommelstone.

A massive blade of near-translucent blue-black metal is complemented by a metallic hilt whose surface is covered in chaotic whirlwind designs. The pommel is expertly formed to resemble a fist that is tightly grasping the exquisite blue gemstone.