Stained Radiance

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Stained Radiance
Event Feast of Eluned 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Stained Radiance, Gods in Glass]
Thirteen stained-glass windows are carefully placed around the room, artistically arranged to catch the daylight or lamplight and to show their brilliant colors to best advantage. The subjects of the windows lend an air of solemnity -- almost of reverence -- to the shop. A prominent sign hangs on one wall. You also see a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

To order, type ORDER .
Item Price Done
1. a stained glass Kertigen window 150,000   DG
2. a stained glass Hodierna window 150,000   DG
3. a stained glass Meraud window 150,000   DG
4. a stained glass Damaris window 150,000   DG
5. a stained glass Everild window 150,000   DG
6. a stained glass Truffenyi window 150,000   DG
7. a stained glass Hav'roth window 150,000   DG
8. a stained glass Eluned window 150,000   DG
9. a stained glass Glythtide window 150,000   DG
10. a stained glass Tamsine window 150,000   DG
11. a stained glass Faenella window 150,000   DG
12. a stained glass Chadatru window 150,000   DG
13. a stained glass Urrem'tier window 150,000   DG

A prominent sign reads:

             ----- HOMEOWNERS -----
 To view the windows, just LOOK (GOD's NAME) WINDOW.

Our windows honor Kertigen, Hodierna, Meraud, Damaris,
  Everild, Truffenyi, Hav'roth, Eluned, Glythride,
    Tamsine, Faenella, Chadatru, and Urrem'tier.
    We provide free delivery and installation
     of any window purchased from this shop.