Sprout Undergrowth

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Sprout Undergrowth
Abbreviation: SU
Prerequisites: Awaken Forest
Slot Cost: Unknown
Mana Type: Unknown
Spell Type: Unknown / Unknown
Difficulty: Unknown
Prep (min/max): Unknown / Unknown
Skill Range (min/max): Unknown / Unknown
Valid Spell Target: Unknown
Duration (min/max): Unknown minutes
Description: Sprout Undergrowth calls upon nature to protect the caster within a tangling field of undergrowth. Popular among archers, this field hinders attempts to engage the caster in combat. Like many spells that call upon the forces of nature, the caster must be around or near the wilderness to successfully cast this spell. Also, the caster must remain stationary, for the field cannot protect the caster if they leave it.
Example Messaging: Unknown