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428 Front Room Update

It was noticed that the front room description for this game & lounge area is different, but the main page does show everything else correct. Instead of a new shop page, at this time I am going to move the old room description here. If someone has notes on previous years HE events and can track when that room description changed, we can go back and make a new page, applying the correct years to each variation.

[The Spider's Web]
Rusting pipes and ducting run in a seemingly endless array of fume-spewing metal. Cooridors lead off in every direction from this circular area. At its center stands a massive boiler tub, the roaring fire beneath it fed continually by a coal-shoveling Gnome worker. You also see an etched metal sign, a wood bin, a rusting bucket, an old oil drum with some stuff on it and a polished ebony door inlaid with an ivory spider web.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest.