Spectacular Spells

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Spectacular Spells
Event War Mage Festival
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Container shops, Magic shops, Toy shops, Armor shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Spectacular Spells]
The interior of the wagon is sparsely furnished yet efficient. A shelf is securely attached to one dark wood wall, just over a thickly cushioned stand. On either side of the stand rest a jewelry tree and a small cushioned table. Covering the floor is a richly fringed area rug emblazoned with a large fireball. You also see a brass-edged trunk, a door, and a pillow-topped pedestal.
Obvious exits: none.

In the brass-edged trunk
Item Price Done
blackened steel signet ring set with miniature spellbook 1,804   No
polished animite signet ring set with a miniature gem-encrusted spellbook 162,360   No
polished light crossbow set with a gold lightning bolt-shaped boltplate 12,628   !!
deeply blackened leathers with painted flames around the cuffs 13,530   !!
polished silver plate etched with golden tendrils of electricity 12,177   No
gleaming broadsword etched with golden tendrils of electricity 4,510   No
leather wand belt set with acid-etched steel plates 902   No
velvet wand belt edged with silver tracery 902   !!
woolen rune pouch stitched with crossed golden wands 811   No
On the cushioned stand
Item Price Done
polished gaethzen sphere formed to resemble a fireball 13,530   No
On the cushioned shelf
Item Price Done
polished glass sphere 14,432   No
etched glass boat 14,432   No
clouded glass pyramid 14,432   No
smoky glass dome 14,432   No
icy-blue glass orb 14,432   No
On the jewelry tree
Item Price Done
brushed silver ring set with a crystalline fist 2,706   !!
slender platinum wedding band forged to resemble a curved wand 26,158   !!
thin silver wedding band forged to resemble a curved wand 6,314   !!
burnished gold wedding band forged to resemble a curved wand 10,824   !!
heavy granite ballista amulet with a thick steel chain 1,804   !!
blown-glass ice fortress pendant suspended from a black cord 1,353   !!
opalescent blown-glass wand earrings 721   No
flame-carved fire opal periapt 13,530   !!
large steel spellbook amulet edged with a blackened spine 1,353   !!
heavy gold spellbook amulet edged with an onyx spine 5,412   !!
slender silver bracelet with dangling crystal spellbook charms 1,172   !!
fine animite bracelet with dangling diamond spellbook charms 225,500   !!
On the cushioned table
Item Price Done
red-gold cambrinth pendant crafted to resemble a miniature fireball 6,314   !!
red-gold cambrinth ring crafted to resemble a miniature fireball 4,510   !!
polished animite coffin-shaped amulet set with a delicate pink erythrite rose 405,900   No
scintillating necklace crafted from tiny lemicule bubbles 12,628   No
jagged rhodonite amulet carved in the shape of a fireshard 9,020   No
smoky zengalmi ring carved to resemble a curled whip 11,726   !!