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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Ability effect is" with value "Physical damage reduction, Elemental damage reduction/absorption". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Meah K'et  + (Lights a room for a moment. Visible from neighbouring rooms.)
  • Locate  + (Locate a PC or GMNPC.)
  • Ambush Ignite  + (Lowers armor value by damaging armor, or causes physical damage to unarmored body parts.)
  • Worm's Mist  + (Magic barrier.)
  • Memory of Nature  + (Maintain your ranger bonus while in non-wilderness areas)
  • Call from Beyond  + (Makes a zombie!)
  • Serpent's Hiss  + (Makes enemies flee the room.)
  • Braun's Conjecture  + (Makes teleportation spells easier to cast, reduces the difficulty of using ALIGN Transmogrify and Split, reduces the roundtime of Predict State, removes the penalty for targeting specific skills with predictions.)
  • Badger Form  + (Moderate non-ablative barrier vs. Magic, Mind, Fear, or Charm attacks)
  • Kinetic Fling  + (Moves object on ground into neighbouring room.)
  • Mind Shout  + (Nerve damage, AoE stun, sleep, disarm.)
  • Electrostatic Eddy  + (Nerve damage, AoE, Chance to pull from hiding.)
  • Mental Blast  + (Nerve damage, Stun, sleep, disarm. Single target.)
  • Templar  + (New ways to destroy magic items, view your count, and never lose fire when destroying.)
  • Pathway of Precision  + (No damage, Electrical damage, Reduce penalty from finely targeting a body part)
  • Sibowen  + (No stun teleport to hiding using Katamba moonbeam)
  • Ethereal Shield  + (Non-ablative elemental damage shield.)
  • Naming of Tears  + (Non-ablative percentage damage barrier that pulses to groupmates.)
  • Sumilo Aev  + (Observe constellations both during day and at night.)
  • Avtai Alshavi  + (Observe constellations out of season.)
  • Covetous Rebirth  + (Occasional DEPART GUILD with all the benefits of DEPART ALL.)
  • Avtalia Array  + (Passively charges worn cambrinth when outdoors while Noumena is active.)
  • Minor Physical Protection  + (Percentage damage reduction.)
  • Eye of Kertigen  + (Periodically searches, with an enhanced perception to the search. Caster sees in dark rooms.)
  • Aspirant's Aegis  + (Physical damage reduction (casting on others drains caster))
  • Cage of Light  + (Physical damage reduction, Elemental damage reduction/absorption)
  • Tenacity  + (Physical damage resistance.)
  • Flush Poisons  + (Poison heal)
  • Consume ritual  + (Prepares a corpse to be used as fuel for necromantic healing.)
  • Arise ritual  + (Prepares a corpse to become a CFB zombie.)
  • Cut ritual  + (Prerequisite for some Blood Magic and Animation spells.)
  • Resumption  + (Preserves memories after death)
  • Soul Bonding  + (Prevents advancing, retreating, and leaving the room. Prepares corpses for Resurrection.)
  • Spite of Dergati  + (Prevents all spell casting in the area.)
  • Sanctuary  + (Prevents clairvoyance, creatures spawning and entering, hiding, and invisibility.)
  • Khri Intimidate  + (Prevents engagement)
  • Elision  + (Prevents opponent attacks at the cost of Starlight Aura.)
  • Huldah's Pall  + (Prevents spellcasting.)
  • Ambush Slash  + (Prevents the target from retreating or moving for a short period along with dropping the target to their knees with a leg bleeder on top success.)
  • Paeldryth's Wrath  + (Pull or knock back target.)
  • Flashflood  + (Pulsing anti-stun/anti-web/auto-standup)
  • Khri Silence  + (Pulsing invisibility.)
  • Eyes of the Blind  + (Pulsing self-invisibility.)
  • Eagle's Cry  + (Puncture damage, Cold damage)
  • Breath of Storms  + (Puncture damage, Cold damage, Electrical damage, Single target. Will of Winter changes it from puncture/electrical to puncture/cold.)
  • Horn of the Black Unicorn  + (Puncture damage, Cold damage, Single-strike attack.)
  • Strange Arrow  + (Puncture damage, Electrical damage, single target.)
  • Dragon's Breath  + (Puncture damage, Fire damage, Enables actions that deal damage.)
  • Burn  + (Puncture damage, Fire damage, Single target DFA.)
  • Telekinetic Storm  + (Puncture damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Multi-strike AoE. Damage type varies with object used.)
  • Telekinetic Throw  + (Puncture damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, multi-shot single target, damage type varies with object used.)