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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Ability effect is" with value "Fire damage, Electrical damage, AoE with a second, half-power attack.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Moonblade  + (Creates temporary Small Edged weapon)
  • Phelim's Sanction  + (Cursed/Undead-only AoE stun.)
  • Fluoresce  + (Damage Enhancer)
  • Heighten Pain  + (Damage amplifier)
  • Trabe Chalice  + (Damage reduction: Slicing and Puncture protection. Ablative barrier. Impact damage can shatter it temporarily.)
  • Pathway of Ease  + (Decrease difficulty of TM spells)
  • Khri Dampen  + (Decrease stealth hindrance, anti-locate barrier, blocks hunt)
  • Titan  + (Decreases maintenance cost of Berserks. +Ranks for all your Forms/Meditations.)
  • Pathway perceive  + (Detects active aethereal pathways in use nearby.)
  • Cure Disease  + (Disease heal)
  • Uncurse  + (Dispels offensive spell, curse, or Death's Sting on target.)
  • Caress of the Sun  + (Dries you off and prevents weather from affecting you. Protects instruments and other items from damage.)
  • Volcano (berserk)  + (Each death blow against them will instead drain Inner Fire.)
  • Grounding Field  + (Elemental damage barrier that nullifies damage from the attuned element but amplifies damage from others.)
  • Toad Form  + (Elemental damage resistance.)
  • Resonance  + (Enhances the top two damage stats of a weapon.)
  • Fate Alignment  + (Erase a negative prediction)
  • Reinforce Stone  + (Extends the duration of any object created with Earth Magic.)
  • Preserve ritual  + (Extends time before a corpse decays. Teaches Thanatology and First Aid.)
  • Abandoned Heart  + (Fatigue damage, Spirit damage, Area of Effect.)
  • Zephyr  + (Fatigue heal)
  • Avalanche (berserk)  + (Fatigue heal, Pulsing)
  • Glyph of Ease  + (Fatigue heal, makes corpse easier to drag)
  • Creation ritual  + (Final step to create a Risen.)
  • Siphon Vitality  + (Fire damage, Cold damage, Vitality heal, Single target, restores vitality to caster)
 (Fire damage, Electrical damage, AoE with a second, half-power attack.)
  • Chain Lightning  + (Fire damage, Electrical damage, AoE.)
  • Fire of Ushnish  + (Fire damage, Electrical damage, AoE with a second, half-power attack.)
  • Lightning Bolt  + (Fire damage, Electrical damage, Single target DFA.)
  • Gar Zeng  + (Fire damage, Electrical damage, Single target multi-strike.)
  • Harm Evil  + (Fire damage, Electrical damage, Undead/Demonic/Cursed-only single-strike attack that bypasses shield and armor.)
  • Harm Horde  + (Fire damage, Electrical damage, Undead-only AoE attack that bypasses shield and armor.)
  • Mark of Arhat  + (Fire damage, Dealt every time target is struck by any source of elemental damage.)
  • Dual load  + (Fires two arrows simultaneously.)
  • Solace (spell)  + (Flat damage reduction and potency barrier against holy.)
  • Protection from Evil  + (Flat damage reduction and potency barrier against undead.)
  • Lyodin Albir  + (Foil backtraces and locates)
  • Entry ritual  + (Gain entry into a Necromancer guildhall.)
  • Harvest ritual  + (Gathers "material" to be used later. Teaches Thanatology and Skinning.)
  • Butchery ritual  + (Gets body parts for Risen.)
  • Naronas Kerwaith  + (Gets you into other sect halls.)
  • Fortune  + (Gives a small 5 minute bonus to 1 of 12 skills.)
  • Rite of Grace  + (Hides 1-7 Transcendental Necromancy buffs.)
  • Maren Alshabi  + (Identify other G'nar Pethians)
  • Wail of Torment  + (Immobilize.)
  • Soul Sickness  + (Immobilizes and forces kneeling.)
  • Starcrash  + (Impact damage, Cold damage)
  • Devitalize  + (Impact damage, Cold damage, Fatigue damage, Single strike.)
  • Starlight Sphere  + (Impact damage, Cold damage, pulsing single target.)
  • Halo  + (Impact damage, Electrical damage, Damages undead. Pole/Melee range knockback/stun.)
  • Phoenix's Pyre  + (Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Area effect pulsing damage. Will of Winter changes it from fire/impact to fire/cold. Ignites and increases the duration and damage of naphtha.)