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Worry stone
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"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Worry stone + , Worry stone +
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Item:Animite-laced granite worry stone etched with Hav'roth's cobra + , Item:Basalt horned viper entwined around a staff + , Item:Blue gold worry stone etched with a pair of crescent moons + , Item:Cube of smoothed onyx + , Item:Exquisitely carved nightfire opal nightingale + , Item:Ferocious fire agate boar with sharp tusks + , Item:Frosted seaglass worry stone etched with Eluned's dolphin + , Item:Glittering lion chiseled from diamondique + , Item:Howling black moonstone wolf with angular features + , Item:Iron pyrite goshawk mantling over its prey + , Item:Frosted seaglass worry stone etched with Eluned's dolphin + , Item:Lapis lazuli worry stone etched with Idon's heron + , Item:Leaping dolphin carved from lapis lazuli + , Item:Marvelous amber phoenix holding a flute + , Item:Pyrope scorpion poised to strike + , Item:Rabid hematite coyote baring its fangs + , Item:Sardonyx worry stone etched with Alamhif's magpie + , Item:Smooth onyx worry stone with subtle veins of silver + , Item:Soaring albatross carved from lodestone + , Item:Somber jackal carved from white jade + Item type is


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