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Weapon:Aldamdin staff etched with numerous sigils + , Armor:Pair of ridged leather gauntlets with silver-wrapped cuffs + , Item:Beaten copper figure holding a telescope aloft + , Item:Bent gold snake charm etched with a knotwork of vine-like sigils + , Item:Black leather supply bag embroidered with various alchemical sigils + , Item:Bloodstone egg ornamented with gold + , Item:Blued moonsilver sigilated ring ensconced with grey-flecked spiritwood + , Weapon:Bone-hilted carving knife with a tiny talisman-shaped cambrinth stone set into the pommel + , Item:Broken compass in a sigil-seared wooden case + , Item:Cold-forged hammer charm fabricated from blackened steel + , Item:Copper dodecahedron with raised edges terminating in tiny globes + , Item:Cylindrical seal stamp + , Armor:Dark chain gauntlets with spiked iron knuckle guards + , Item:Dull covellite lump etched with esoteric and complex sigils + , Item:Dusty leather explorer's hat with a wide brim + , Item:Exotic jade silk sash stitched with copper sigils + , Item:Fertility goddess statue sculpted from dark green jade + , Item:Fine necklace of golden discs interspersed between lapis lazuli shapes + , Item:Flat rosewood effigy pipe ornamented by a small plump animal + , Item:Flowing cyan silk sash embroidered with silver sigils + ... Uses symbol


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