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Weapon:Elongated steel scorpion displaying a slightly curled tail + , Weapon:Ironwood-hafted scorpion with silver-inlaid flames on the handle + , Weapon:Ironwood-hafted scorpion with silver-inlaid flames on the handle + Item type is
Item:Dry-roasted scorpion + , Item:Dry-roasted scorpion + , Item:Somber black shaman's robe + Uses material
Weapon:Abassi (1) + , Item:Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden band + , Item:Alabaster scorpion pin + , Item:Ammunition pouch branded with twin scorpions + , Item:Anloral scorpion pin + , Armor:Crested chain hauberk crafted from blackened steel links + , Armor:Dusky black leather gravedigger's gloves with reinforced palms + , Armor:Ebony field plate formed from interlocking scales to resemble an exoskeletal scorpion + , Armor:Pair of vibrantly crimson boots embroidered with silver scorpions + , Armor:Suit of matte black plate armor embellished with a blood red scorpion + , Weapon:Arzfilt + , Item:Black basalt Urrem'tier emblem suspended from a heavy iron chain + , Item:Black diamond comb shaped like a scorpion with a ruby-tipped stinger + , Item:Black ironwood carving case with a bloodgem scorpion clasp + , Item:Black linen sack with small red scorpions embroidered along the seams + , Item:Black satin gem pouch clasped with a silver ruby-eyed scorpion + , Item:Black scorpion blossom + , Item:Blackened pewter scorpion clenching a soulstone between its claws + , Item:Blackened steel hip chain dangling with tiny cambrinth scorpions + , Weapon:Blackened steel throwing hammer with scorpion-shaped rubies set into the handle + ... Uses symbol


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