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Repeating Crossbow
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Repeating Crossbow + , Repeating Crossbow +
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Weapon:Bone hafted repeating arbalest with pitted grooves + , Weapon:Bone-white witchclaw repeating crossbow with a pistol grip buttstock + , Weapon:Compact ironwood riot crossbow with a yew lath + , Weapon:Dull black assassin's repeating crossbow + , Weapon:Ebony repeater crossbow with a silver dagger latch + , Weapon:Heavy repeating crossbow carved like a muscular arm + , Weapon:Heavy repeating crossbow constructed from sun-bleached mammoth bones + , Weapon:Heavy repeating crossbow lavishly carved with sea creatures + , Weapon:Heavy repeating crossbow mounted with a snarling weasel skull + , Weapon:Heavy repeating crossbow with a series of small notches carved into the polished bloodwood stock + , Weapon:Light repeating crossbow + , Weapon:Light repeating crossbow with a horn bow and a scrimshaw-decorated stock + , Weapon:Light repeating crossbow with a polished sana'ati wood stock + , Weapon:Light repeating crossbow with a silver-trimmed oak stock + , Weapon:Light repeating crossbow with a stock made from a narwhal's tusk + , Weapon:Light repeating crossbow with an ivory-inlaid stock and an engraved lathe + , Weapon:Lightweight repeating crossbow of polished hemlock set with a fluted bone boltplate + , Weapon:Red oak repeating arbalest with a copperwood stock trimmed in fire-gilded steel + , Weapon:Repeating crossbow of warped gloomwood + , Weapon:Sleek diacan repeating arbalest with a wickedly curved lathe + ... Item type is
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