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Read the Ripples
Ability difficulty is advanced  +
Ability effect is Add prophetic insight, bypass astrological observation timers, and bypass telescope checks for selected random constellations.  +
Ability skill is utility  +
Casting cap is 800  +
Cyclic spell false  +
Guild association is Moon Mage +
Magic type is Lunar magic  +
Maximum duration is 10  +
Maximum skill is 1,000  +
Messaging is ''On cast:''<br />You gaze towards t
''On cast:''<br />You gaze towards the heavens seeking their silent guidance.<br />The mental strain of this pattern is considerably eased by your ritual focus.<br />Your prophetic connection blooms a thousand-fold as your ritual concludes. You are alone. An infinitesimal speck in space and time adrift in an infinite sea of possibility. The course of your life, past, present and future, dictated by ceaseless currents beyond any mortal control.<br /> But infinitesimal is not insignificant and control is not understanding. These are indisputable facts etched into the essence of every prophet.<br /> ''Random constellation selection:''<br /> As your consciousness drifts amongst the currents of Fate you find yourself drawn towards the planet Ismenia.<br /> ''Observing the selected constellation:''<br /> You scan the skies for a few moments.<br /> While invisible to the naked eye, your prophetic senses have little trouble resolving the planet Ismenia.<br /> The planet Ismenia is unobscured by clouds.<br /> Ismenia shines a bright, cheery yellow, almost seeming to smile as it beams its warm but distant light from above.<br /> The insight gained from your prior observations floats gently through your subconsciousness. You intuitively draw the relevant details to the forefront of your mind, using them to nurture your current efforts.<br /> You learned something useful from your observation.<br /> ''Effect ending:''<br /> As your ritual ebbs away you find yourself returned to a world of immutable facts. Things that are, are, and things that are not, are not. This is indisputable and you are left with a lingering dissatisfaction for you are still alone, infinitesimal.<br /> ''Cooldown ending:''<br /> The world dulls almost imperceptibly as the last remnants of the Read the Ripples ritual fade from your mind's eye
e Ripples ritual fade from your mind's eye  +
Minimum duration is 2  +
Minimum prep is 300  +
Minimum skill is 250  +
Page type is spell  +
Pretty name is Read the Ripples  +
Scroll-only spell false  +
Signature spell true  +
Slot cost is 2  +
Spell abbreviation is rtr  +
Spell cast type is ritual  +
Spell source is quest  +
Spellbook is Stellar Magic  +
Targeted magic spell false  +
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Read the Ripples +
Categories Ritual spells , Utility abilities , Advanced abilities , Spells , Moon Mage spells , Quest spells , Stellar Magic spellbook , Signature spells
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22 September 2018 16:16:07  +
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