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Purple gold
Material type is metals  +
Provided for alterations true  +
Rarity is special  +
Uses color purple  + , gold  +
Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Purple gold + , Purple gold +
Categories Metals , Golds , Materials
Modification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
4 July 2021 19:41:31  +
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Post:Questions about safari rare mats - 09/06/2016 - 10:05 + Post relates to
Item:Amethyst-hued purple gold triangle + , Weapon:Arsenic-black scepter studded with purple gold + , Weapon:Black-green ka'hurst mace with a purple gold enameled lotus blossom head + , Item:Carmine madun pouch clasped with a purple gold nightingale + , Weapon:Carved maple staff embellished with inlays of purple gold + , Item:Clam shell castanets secured together with thin wires of purple gold + , Item:Cloth of gold cloak with a purple gold clasp + , Item:Cluster of faceted purple gold phofe flowers + , Item:Covellite-lined sheath with a purple gold bat-shaped buckle + , Item:Deep bogbirch dye tub with twisted purple gold handles + , Weapon:Diamondwood nightstick banded with purple gold + , Item:Exotically bejeweled cambrinth puppy + , Weapon:Glossy purple gold sunblade inscribed with obscure symbols + , Weapon:Hefty silversteel Imperial war hammer inlaid with purple gold gladiolus blossoms + , Weapon:Ka'hurst hhr'ata inlaid with purple gold Eth'ral'khh calligraphy + , Item:Pair of bright indigo purple gold spoons with spiraling ivory handles + , Item:Pair of knarn fur lined goggles with purple gold buckles + , Item:Polished Elven gold tabla embellished with a pattern of purple gold aldam lorma + , Item:Pudgy purple gold pig dotted with pink and duskbloom sapphires + , Item:Purple gold goggles with darkly tinted lenses + ... Uses material


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