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Armor:Blackened plate engraved with a phoenix at one shoulder + , Armor:Burnished half plate (1) + , Armor:Burnished steel-riveted silver plate blazoned with a ruby-centered triskele + , Armor:Burnished war plate emblazoned with a dragon entangled by serpents + , Armor:Copper-riveted field plate engraved with the crest of the Paladin Guild + , Armor:Crimson suit of lamellar plate engraved with leaping flames + , Armor:Dazzling pure white plate engraved over the heart with a regal emerald-eyed lioness in a circle of olive branches + , Armor:Ebony field plate formed from interlocking scales to resemble an exoskeletal scorpion + , Armor:Embossed half plate + , Armor:Full plate enameled with a pearl grey tower being hit by a bright white lightning bolt + , Armor:Gashed half plate + , Armor:Gleaming silver white plate + , Armor:Gleaming silver-white plate + , Armor:Goffered plate + , Armor:Golden jousting plate with a rising sun emblazoned across the chest + , Armor:Golden suit of lamellar plate engraved with a figure hurling lightning from its hands + , Armor:Half plate + , Armor:Highly polished ceremonial battle plate with leaf-patterned layers of gold filigree + , Armor:Highly polished jousting plate edged with dark leather straps + , Armor:Highly polished silvery plate embossed with a vivid dragon + ... Item type is
Armor:Half-plate armor + , Armor:Mane-like plate crinnet + , Armor:Plate aventail (2) + , Armor:Plate gauntlets joined by thick bolts with visible glarmencouplers + Uses material


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