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Armor:Airy mirror-finished mail interspersed with clear glaes links + , Armor:Asteriated chain mail + , Armor:Blue-bordered suit of plate-reinforced mail etched with sapphire-encrusted raindrops + , Armor:Blued steel mail edged with ornate pierced silver chain + , Armor:Blued steel mail patterned in a chevron design + , Armor:Blued steel mail with a padded leather gambeson + , Armor:Ceremonial blued chain mail embellished with brilliant garnets + , Armor:Chain mail painted to resemble rotting flesh + , Armor:Dark double chain mail reinforced with jagged shards of black bone + , Armor:Darkened mail coated with a bluish patina covering each finely wrought link + , Armor:Darkened mail dyed rust-red with a spiked emblem upon the chest + , Armor:Darkened silver mail set with a hammered gold chestplate fashioned in a sunburst design + , Armor:Double chain mail + , Armor:Double chain mail trimmed with fine golden links + , Armor:Ebony mail interwoven with golden steelsilk links forming a cascade of lightning bolts + , Armor:Fine bronze ring mail with the leather dyed sea green + , Armor:Golden augmented mail + , Armor:Heavy ring mail (1) + , Armor:Heavy ring mail (2) + , Armor:Laminated chain mail + ... Item type is
Armor:Black mail gloves with open palms fastened by worn leather straps + , Armor:Polished mail gauntlets edged with darkened links (1) + , Armor:Supple ring mail greaves + Uses material
Item:Zombie nomad charm with a slouching posture + Uses symbol


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