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Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Lion + , Lion +
Categories Symbols , Fauna
Modification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
26 June 2013 09:27:44  +
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Weapon:Acid-etched jeweled longsword + , Item:Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden band + , Item:Amber firesilk robes clasped at the neck by an enameled pin + , Item:Amber leather alchemist's kit graced by a burnished gold lion + , Item:Ambitious lion amulet suspended from a length of plaited leather + , Item:Ammunition pouch branded with twin lions + , Item:Animal skeleton + , Armor:Animite-emblazoned icesteel vambraces + , Item:Anloral lion pin + , Armor:Beaten silver bracers etched with the lion of Chadatru + , Armor:Black leather gloves with ornamental ivory claws on each fingertip + , Armor:Black leather helm stitched with a flowing mane + , Armor:Black yeehar skin leathers studded with golden suns + , Armor:Blackened full plate armor inlaid with an ivory-clawed lion's paw + , Armor:Blackened great helm adorned with a clawed lion's paw faceplate + , Armor:Blackened steel hauberk interlaced with black gold links + , Armor:Brushed silver-washed bascinet with a golden brow + , Armor:Gleaming steel great helm crested with a golden roaring lion's head + , Armor:Golden plate armor embossed and chased with rampant heraldic lions + , Armor:Iron gauntlets deeply engraved with stylized lions + ... Uses symbol


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