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Crafting material type is wood  +
Crafting source is Festival/Auction  +
Provided for alterations true  +
Rarity is special  +
Has query
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E'erdream + , E'erdream +
Categories Woods , Flora , Materials , Crafting materials
Modification date
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24 September 2015 02:14:14  +
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Post:Statistics - 06/16/2015 - 00:06 + Post relates to
Item:Antiqued e'erdream repair kit + , Item:Colorful storyplait kite with beige and blue ribbons attached to the string + , Item:Dainty e'erdream grooming kit adorned with a trio of plumed agates + , Weapon:Dark steel scimitar with a polished e'erdream hilt + , Item:E'erdream curio box latched by a silversteel fairy + , Item:E'erdream flower basket with delicate engraving + , Item:E'erdream instrument case set with two lotus flower sapphire clasps + , Item:E'erdream pini elipon secured with a meshor fox hide strap + , Item:E'erdream register cover pressed with windsteel mechanisms + , Item:E'erdream spyglass with a rencate cloud design + , Item:Elegant lady's footbrush of lustrous e'erdream + , Item:Glossy e'erdream worry beads dangling from a sana'ati heartwood fob + , Item:Golden e'erdream costume trunk embellished with black Elven gold hardware + , Item:Labyrinthine e'erdream shesegri ring flecked with orchid stura atulaves + , Weapon:Lifesculpted e'erdream forester's longbow inlaid with Huntress diamonds + , Item:Moss green thornweave khandur closed by sungold-capped toggles + , Item:Pair of e'erdream crochet hooks + , Item:Petite e'erdream-framed shaving mirror + , Item:Plain lelori viola with an e'erdream fingerboard + , Item:Polished e'erdream telescope case with merlot ruby-inlaid caps + ... Uses material
E'erdream (wood) + redirect page


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