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Corik's Secret: Treasures of the Tomb
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Item:Obsidian mask shaped like two clasped claws + , Item:Obsidian mask shaped like two clasped claws + , Weapon:Hunter's crossbow dyed a deep forest green + Quest prize from
Armor:Black leather tunic with a mantle of silver scales + , Armor:Form-fitting fox fur leathers + , Item:Crudely carved white quartz sled charm + , Item:Deeply hooded cloak of heavy black wool lined with dark-grey wolf fur + , Item:Heavy silver goblet + , Item:Hemispherical jeolzindu charm formed from tiny white alabaster cubes + , Item:Bleached canvas songbook satchel strung upon some twisted fishing line + , Item:Braided gold and cambrinth armband inset with onyx + , Item:Burnished gold wristband embossed with a smooth scroll design + , Item:Cherry opal + , Item:Chocolate-brown thigh pouch with an ivory truffle clasp + , Item:Chubby baby penguin charm with chips of onyx and opal inlaid in a feather pattern + , Item:Collapsible fishing pole + , Item:Crudely carved white quartz sled charm + , Item:Cut silver gem case set with polished cabochon stones + , Item:Dark crystal circlet embedded with many faceted blood-red rubies + , Item:Delicate cambrinth snowflake suspended from a silver chain + , Item:Elegant pearl necklace + , Item:Fine rosewood case + , Item:Graceful snow violet captured in full bloom set on a brooch of silver filigree + ... Source is
Corik's Quest + redirect page


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