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Sorthak Dasha'Kol II
Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Sorthak Dasha'Kol I

You are Sorthak Dasha'Kol, a Kaldar.
You have a square face, sparkling emerald eyes and a classical nose. Your light brown hair is short and thick, and is worn feathered back from your face in a windblown look. You have tanned skin and an athletic build.
You are tall for a Kaldar.
You are young.
You are clean shaven.

Background Information

Currently in note format; will expand into a "History" "soon"...

  • Hero worships his paternal grandfather (deceased as of 435) who he is named after. It was his influence that drove Sorthak to join the Bard guild.
  • His grandfather's last wish is what drives Sorthak to do everything he does. Sorthak does not reveal what that wish is except that it is related to Bards in some way.
  • Estranged from his Paladin father who resides around Shard (he "did not raise a son to be a fool like his own father was"). Because of this, Sorthak dislikes travelling to Shard and also acts aloof towards Paladins in general.
  • Does not generally trust Traders unless he gets to know them.
  • Devout follower of Faenella - in the Kaldar way.


419 - Born on the 34th day of Moliko the Balance.

435 - Ran away from home near Shard and joined the Bard Guild in Crossing.

436 - late 437 - Returned home and attempted to reconcile with estranged father. Ran away again and focused on training to fulfill his grandfather's dream and last wish.

438 - Achieved 50th circle in the Bard Guild around the month of Arhat the Fire Lion.

438 - Fought in the Duskruin Arena and earned the title of Duskruin Arena Hero on the 34th day of Dolefaren the Brigantine.