Snowy Wagon

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Snowy Wagon
Festival Rarely available
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops, Clothing shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[A Snowy Wagon]
This simple wagon is filled with crates, boxes, and makeshift displays. You also see a sign tacked onto the side of the wagon, a trunk of junk, a box full of hats worn by different races, a box full of guild hats, a hat box, a crate of produce and a crate of old clothes.
Obvious exits: out.

A sign reads:
We offer all the items you need to dress your snowy friends!  Not sure how to make one?  Just find 
a snow pile and roll your snowballs around outside!  (NOTE:  Don't forget your snowy friend won't 
stay around forever!  That is why we are offering cheap supplies here so that you won't lose your 
priceless stuff!)
In the junk trunk
Item Price Done
piece of black flint 62   
silvery button 31   
golden button 31   No
red button 31   No
black button 31   No
blue button 31   No
dented shovel 93   No
blue rock 12   
red rock 12   No
grey rock 6   No
black rock 12   No
simple broom 93   !!
black charcoal 50   
branch 125   
In the race hat box
Item Price Done
Human hat 93   No
Rakash hat 93   No
Prydaen hat 93   No
Kaldar hat 93   No
Gnome hat 93   
S'Kra Mur hat 93   No
Elothean hat 93   No
Gor'Tog hat 93   No
Halfling hat 93   No
Elven hat 93   No
Dwarven hat 93   No
These will turn your snowman into the appropriate race. Will combine with the guild hats.
In the guild hat box
Item Price Done
paladin hat 93   No
trader hat 93   No
bard hat 93   No
thief hat 93   No
moon mage hat 93   No
warrior mage hat 93   
empath hat 93   No
cleric hat 93   
ranger hat 93   No
barbarian hat 93   No
These will turn your snowman into the appropriate guild. Will combine with the race hats.
In the hat box
Item Price Done
lady's hat - Will turn your snowman into a snowwoman 62   No
snowman hat - Will turn your snowwoman into a snowman 62   No
In the produce crate
Item Price Done
deep orange carrot 10   
red pepper 7   No
yellow onion 5   
red potato 5   
purple plum 10   No
stalk of broccoli 6   !!
stalk of celery 6   !!
winter apple 11   
snow pear 12   !!
lime 6   
yellow banana 8   
clove of garlic 5   !!
red tomato 7   No
lemon 6   
In the clothing crate
Item Price Done
ratty leather belt 62   No
wool shawl 125   No
wool cape 125   No
wool scarf 125   No
blue scarf 125   No
red and orange scarf 125   No
green scarf 125   No