Smells and Tails (1)

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Smells and Tails
Event Faire on the Crossing Green 415
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops, Housing shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Kronars

[Smells and Tails, Pets for Sale]
Several wooden and glass crates with tiny holes in them are stacked neatly to form a makeshift counter. The air within the tent is an alternating blend of rank and sweet odors that shift as traffic comes and goes through the flap. Loud chittering emanates from a nearby box. You also see a canvas flap, a large wooden sign, a pet merchant, and a ragged notice pinned to the counter.
Obvious exits: none.

|           SMELLS AND TAILS!             /
|                                        /
|   Squirrels are cute.  Play nice.     /
|                                      /
|       Skunks make you smell.        /
|          Buy at own risk!          /
|                                   /

A notice reads:

"Our skunks are of the greatest quality.  
They've not been through the de-scenting process, and thus an additional handling fee for the 
proper cleansing materials for our staff is incorporated into the price to purchase one.  
Our processors thank you greatly for your understanding in this matter."

Item Price Done
1. a plump dark grey squirrel - [pet] 120,000   
2. a senile black-marbled squirrel - [pet] 120,000   
3. a mature grey squirrel - [pet] 120,000   
4. a baby brown squirrel - [pet] 120,000   
5. a long-tailed young skunk - [pet] 150,000   
6. a fluffy-tailed albino skunk - [pet] 200,000