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Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime


You see Commodity Trader Slepowren of Elanthia, an Elothean. He has an oval face, almond-shaped jade eyes and a classical nose. His silver hair is short and fine. He has black skin and a slender build. He is tall for an Elothean. He is young. He is clean shaven. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a rugged troll-skin jerkin, some thick troll-skin greaves, a lumpy bundle, a canvas scribe's pack, a chain helm, a lumpy bundle, a fine silk gem pouch, a fine silk pouch, a fine silk thigh bag, an oak contract case with wrought iron corners and clasp, a ledger case woven from strips of tough but supple leather over a copper frame, an emerald velvet doublet, some soft indigo linen trousers edged with black piping, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a metal target shield, a crystal amulet carved with gladiolus blossoms surrounded by intricate sigils, a lockpick ring and a colorless albredine ring.


Slepowren does not speak much about his history. Those who know him well have noticed that he will speak nothing of his family. When questioned, sometimes he artfully deflects, sometimes he ignores, and sometimes he appears sad, or even angry. It is known that the early years of his career, really when he was but a boy, he was apprenticed to the Trader Gregoreth. Gregoreth was a Human Trader who operated across the various commodity pits of Zoluren, which Slepowren acting as a runner. This effectively meant that his job was price discovery at another pit, and a swift return to Gregoreth's side, to ensure that a profitable trade was as guaranteed as Slepowren's legs could make it.

While Gregoreth taught much to Slepowren, he was never destined for prominence within the Guild. He did, however, hold enough sway to eventually gain Slepowren admittance and formally release him from his apprenticeship. While Slepowren remains outwardly and vocally grateful, some have said that in private conversation (after a brandy or two) he will admit that it always disappointed him that he could not apprentice under an Elothean. Those have also said that they detect something in his voice, whether it is a reverence for other Elotheans, or a disdain for other races, they cannot tell.

After his release, Slepowren began his own commodity trading operation, which he has operated profitably for some time now and has been his primary business function for some time. He remains a frequent visitor to the various commodity pits across Zoluren, and a member of the Raven's Court where he will sit alone and enjoy a cigar after a day of work. He generally socializes in more public establishments.

Slepowren made a series of immediate and permanent decisions after learning about the deal between Cialen, Guildmaster of the Shard Trader's Guild, and the Arbiter in Darkness. Without much warning to his colleagues or to the Trader's Guild in the Crossing, he secured a contract to Shard, loaded his caravan, and traveled to Shard. There he joined the House of the Silk Strings, declared his citizenship for Shard, and opened a shop called "Leather Goods and Mercantile" in the Crystal Plaza. Since his relocation to Shard, none have been able to decipher (or directly ask) the motivation for so many decisions in such short order.

Shop: Leather Goods and Mercantile

Slepowren can often be found in his shop. His primary focus is to serve Outfitters in Shard with deeds for leathers that he gathers himself outside the city. In addition, a few items of interest he has acquired in his journeys are on display, as well as crafted leather goods. While his heart will always be in basic goods, he did learn (well, teach himself) leatherwork during the long caravan routes, and some of those are on display in his shop. His goods are marked with a simple "S" and he enjoys some renown within the Shard Outfitting Society.

Despite his efforts to gather, clean, and tan his own leathers, Slepowren is constantly on the lookout for seasoned and experienced hunters who might be willing to set up a supply agreement to sell him bundles or skins, pelts, or finished leathers.