Silk Lotus (2)

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The Silk Lotus
Event Elothean Culture Faire 408
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Elothean shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Silk Lotus]
Lotus blossoms float within a small fountain at the center of the tent, filling the air with their delicate fragrance. Thick brocade rugs are placed underfoot, though it seems their main purpose is to protect the wares from damage if accidentally dropped by a careless shopper.
You also see a series of slender mannequins with several things on it, a broad carved chest, a series of lacquered shelves with several things on it, an exit flap, a lattice rack with several things on it and a long silk-draped table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the slender mannequins
Item Price Done
high-necked dark grey Elothean silk tunic with platinum lotus buttons 45,100   !!
high-necked black Elothean silk tunic with carved obsidian buttons 19,844   !!
pale blue wrapped Elothean silk tunic edged with embroidered herons 18,040   !!
snowy white Elothean silk tunic with a tasseled golden sash 18,040   !!
colorful wrapped Elothean silk tunic patterned with spring blossoms 18,040   !!
In the carved chest
Item Price Done
dark burgundy Elothean silk robe cinched with a triple-wrapped gold gauze sash 58,630   !!
elegant midnight black Elothean silk robe cinched with a triple-wrapped sash 49,610   !!
simply cut grey Elothean silk robe cinched with a twice-wrapped brocade sash 54,120   !!
pure white Elothean silk robe cinched with a twice-wrapped pale gold brocade sash 49,610   !!
rich brown Elothean silk robe cinched with a flowing black shesegri-patterned sash 72,160   !!
On the lacquered shelves
Item Price Done
sanguine Elothean silk robe with golden lotus embroidery edging its many tiers 54,120   !!
many-tiered amethyst Elothean silk robe edged with intricate silver knotwork embroidery 67,650   !!
layered shadowy black Elothean silk robe over thick matte grey brocade 54,120   !!
sage green Elothean silk robe with alternating tiers of black brocade 49,610   !!
many-tiered seafoam green Elothean silk robe edged with sinuous gold embroidery 49,610   !!
On the lattice rack
Item Price Done
silvery web-like Elothean lace wrap with a black raw silk border 8,118   !!
fragile white Elothean lace shawl edged with snowy geshi pearls 9,020   !!
ethereal night-black Elothean lace shawl edged with pale grey damaryn pearls 9,020   !!
elegant wrap of wispy Elothean lace sprinkled with iridescent crystal beading 9,020   !!
On the silk-draped table
Item Price Done
tiered storm-grey Elothean silk robe cinched with a precisely knotted black sash 54,120   !!
layered robe of vermillion Elothean silk over bronze belted with a long knotwork sash 51,865   !!
tiered robe of midnight blue Elothean silk edged with intricate silver embroidery 72,160   !!
layered robe of twilight blue Elothean silk over wispy amethyst gauze 54,120   !!
layered robe of forest green Elothean silk over richly patterned brown brocade 54,120   !!