Shore to Floor

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Shore to Floor
Festival Taisidon Safari 420
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Jewelry shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Shore to Floor, Beach]
A cool seabreeze flows across the top of the tower, open to a brilliant view of the sparkling waters of the Jalren'rae'Taisidon lagoon on one side and the lush jungle of the island on the other. Under an umbrella rests a blanket covered in a tropical flower print, on which rests goods for sale. Sand covers the floor, ending at a blue-painted pool around a spiral stairway leading down into the tower. You also see some exit steps.
Obvious exits: none.

On the blanket
Item Price Done
gilt-edged longsword with a golden stylized sun pommel 25,000   
blued steel sabre etched with a silvery wave pattern 20,000   
highly polished plate emblazoned with a golden stylized sun 98,700   
rough sand-colored backpack crafted in the shape of a miniature castle 2,000   
oval stained glass pendant featuring a sunset over a beach 1,000   
blued steel chain hauberk worked with a wave pattern 71,600   
large shark tooth suspended from a leather cord 800   
wide-brimmed sun hat with silk jalren'rae tulips nestled around the brim 2,500   
woven seagrass sandals with tiny silver shell charms 1,000   
colorful bracelet strung with shells 500   

[Shore to Floor, Coral Reef]
Blue glass lanterns hang in various lengths from the ceiling, each one with a slowly turning paper mobile around it, giving the light cast a flickering, watery effect. Found objects are stacked around the curved walls -- tubes, bottles, and bowls -- all painted to resemble the various coral and creatures in a reef. In one corner, some cavernous rocks frame steps leading further downwards into darkness. You also see a spiral stairway adorned with colorful polished seaglass, a rough table with several things on it and a barnacle-covered treasure chest.
Obvious exits: none.

On the rough table
Item Price Done
deep blue crossbow crafted to resemble a stylized stingray 100,000   !!
deep blue scale hauberk with sea creatures embossed on the metal plates 2,160   
polished battle axe with a kraken carved into the handle 80,000   
purple plush octopus wearing a tiny silk top hat 600   
rounded backpack painted to resemble a tropical aquarium 2,000   !!
In the treasure chest
Item Price Done
pair of dolphin-shaped baroque pearl earrings 240 seastars   
sea green gladius with an adobe andradite seastar set in the crossguard 180 seastars   
polished seahorse sapphire suspended from a delicate twisted chain 210 seastars   
heavy gold signet ring set with a Saendalan emerald 200 seastars   !!
delicately twisted Elven gold ring cradling a heart-shaped baroque pearl 250 seastars   

[Shore to Floor, Seafloor]
The air is cold here to the point where breathing becomes more of an effort. Eerie green light oozes about the area, not quite illuminating large shadowy objects lurking just on the edge of its reach. A rusted metal frame supports rotting driftwood in the most illuminated spot in the room, forming a table displaying wares for sale. You also see some dark steps.
Obvious exits: none.

On the driftwood table
Item Price Done
rust-colored scimitar with a barnacle-shaped pommel 20,000   
dark crossbow carved to resemble a rusted anchor 100,000   !!
darkened stiletto with an intricately carved blade 15,000   
dark green leathers textured to resemble woven seaweed 80,000   
dark green leather cowl draped with seaweed-like leather strips 20,000   
salt-stained duffel bag covered in seaweed-like strips 2,500   !!
cured leather wristcuff burned with the image of a shipwreck 500   
dark salt-stained boots with rusted buckles 1,000   !!
pair of dark earrings carved in the shape of two halves of a ship 1,300   
rusted iron amulet forged in the shape of an anchor 200