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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Shift Quest

This information was donated by Katrinna Muffkins at It has been revised with more specific information and a required step that was omitted from the previous version.
If everything goes well, it will take a couple of hours to complete this quest (travel time).
A Moon Mage is helpful with all the travel.
This guide tells only the minimum steps needed to complete the quest. If you're interested in the story, you can ask the NPCs about other names.
  1. The best time to begin this quest is at sunrise.
  1. Speak to the lutenist at Faenella's Shrine in the Eyes of the Thirteen. Ask the lutenist about Bruwster. He will recommend that you visit Ivinnes in Promado Village. Lutenist appears at Sunrise in-game, and stays for a brief period.
  1. The next stop is Arthe Dale. Buy a piece of cheese from Feta's Kitchen, Fresh Dairy and Baked Goods. Type of cheese does not seem to matter.
  1. Head to Promado Village, and find Ivinnes in his cottage. Room 114 on current mapper.
  1. Ask Ivinnes about Bruwster. He will give a response about blue stores - this is normal. Give him the cheese (command is GIVE CHEESE TO IVINNES)
  1. He'll then start a story. Ask him about any and all other names he mentions if you want the whole story behind the quest etc. If not, you can continue on.
  1. Let him finish his entire story, and then ask him about Bruwster again. He'll tell you to head down to Illithi as well as a clue to the next person you have to talk to.
  1. Next up is the travelling part of the quest. You will be sent on a mission to talk to various NPCs in Ilithi. IVINNES will tell you the first one you have to visit. Ask that NPC about Bruwster. If you get a response like "I don't trust you and need a recommendation to speak with you" you are talking to the wrong person. Go try someone else. If you get "Go talk to this person" then follow their hint to the next NPC. These are some of the NPCs you will be asked to visit:
    1. Halfling Vendor - NE, NE from the Central Tower in the Central Shard area (only available during the day)
    2. Bard Guildlead Macfrae - Bard Guild in southwestern Shard at the private table
    3. Sierack - Shard Artifactor Shop
    4. Windawn - Fayrin's Rest inside Marachek's Oak (once inside GO CLOCK, GO GREEN DOOR)
    5. Enescu - Herbalist shop in Fayrin's Rest just south of Marachek's Oak

Each person will either point you to the location, or give you a vague clue to the next stop - for example Windawn clearly pointed to Macfrae, but Macfrae said "Macfrae studies you a moment, his eyes crossing slightly in concentration. "Bruwster? Aye, a fine name for a fine lad! Researching some kind of magic, he is." - this is a hint to visit the magic shop next.

  1. Eventually one of these NPCs will tell you where Bruwster is. He can be found in one of these five places.
    1. Wylder Spring - head to jackals east of shard and look around in the center part for a willow tree. There should be a path there (it might be hidden), you may need to LOOK BEHIND WILLOW, then GO PATH, GO COTTAGE.
    2. Dark Hand - go out the south gate of Shard, and keep going south until you see an oak tree. LOOK BEHIND OAK, GO PATH, GO COTTAGE. Room 38 on map 68 in Genie, currently.
    3. Wyvern Wood - go out the west gate. Keep going on until you see a room called "Western Road, Wyvern Wood" and a spindly maple in the description. LOOK BEHIND MAPLE TREE, GO PATH, GO COTTAGE.
    4. Behind some houses - If you're told "just down the road a bit, behind some houses," go east of Marachek's Oak in Fayrin's Rest until you some "Small cylindrical houses" in the room description. LOOK BEHIND HOUSE, GO PATH, GO COTTAGE.
    5. Steel Claw Clan behind the Berengaria Shrine - From the bridge that leads to Steel Claw Clan go east and then "northish" along the rooms with "Bridle Path" in their title until you see the Berengaria Shrine. LOOK BEHIND SHRINE, GO PATH, GO COTTAGE.
  2. Once you're inside Bruwster's Home, ask Bruwster about shift, and then ask him about quest. He will tell you to go back to Promado Village to retrieve a book that he left at his old house.
  3. In Promado Village, look for a house at the top of a knoll (room 113 on map 9b). Open the door and go inside. Go East, South - you should be in a 'bedroom' (not master) with three bookshelves. The lines of Bruwster's poem began with the letters "TUNNEL." You can find the secret tunnel by reading the titles of the scrolls on the bookshelves and pulling them in order of their titles (to spell "TUNNEL"). The correct order is:
    1. large scroll
    2. tiny scroll
    3. small scroll
    4. frayed scroll
    5. yellow scroll
    6. grubby scroll
  4. After pulling the right scrolls, the bookcase will swing open. Enter the tunnel and go down twice. You will see a work table. Look on the table, and grab the book (GET BOOK) you see.
  5. Return to Bruwster's Home. Give him the book, (GIVE MY BOOK TO BRUWSTER) and he will teach you how to shift.