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Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Necromancer
Instance Prime

Shatteringwave remembers little from before his accident in the mines near Riverhaven. The vicious, unnatural scar on the back of his head and set of silver chisels, as well as a ciphered journal he can't decode serve as the his only clues as to what happened there and before. From others who knew him from before, he's come to understand that he'd betrayed necromancers at a meeting lead by Totenus and played the role of a thorn in Therengian sides for quite a while. He is, or at least once was, held responsible by the Theren Guard for the suicide of one their members.

He claims to have turned over a new leaf. Whatever happened, the injury left him with an opportunity to see Necromancy for the horror most others do. According to his words, he seeks redemption, seeking Kertigen's aid in recovering his soul. As penance, he seeks out useful material to offer to craftsman.