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Unique to Aesry Surlaenis'a, the delicate shar'nath blossom needs careful tending or it will not bloom. The blossoms are jealously guarded by their growers, causing many a feud among the homeowners who competed fiercely for young plants to raise. Young men and women of daring climbed walls to pick a single blossom for their darlings. Finally the government was forced to step in. The solution was to make available a public flower bed for all to enjoy. Today the shar'nath blossoms are traditionally preserved and worn by brides on their wedding day but only if the blossoms are gathered and gifted to them by their groom. The wearing of the shar'nath blossoms symbolizes that the groom prizes his bride beyond all gold or other treasure.

The wives and husbands of sailors often wear preserved or freshly picked shar'nath blossoms to show that they will wait for their loved one to return.

It is also believed that shar'nath blossoms that leave Surlaenis will cause ill luck for the wearer. Therefore, real shar'nath blossoms are never worn by islanders outside of their homeland. Curiously, however, many believe that jewelry shaped like the shar'nath flower is free from bad luck, will remind those leaving the island of their native shores, and bring them home again.

Aesry Specimens

  • Found on the 1st tier, south side, in the flowerbox before the steps:
The flowerbed is planted with delicate shar'nath plants. The rare flower is found only in the islands, and wilts in the daytime sun. Gardeners must take special care, or these beautiful plants will never bloom.
At night, a shar'nath blossom can be picked.
a fragile shar'nath blossom


ItemSource isRare item
Fragile shar'nath blossomInn of the Crystal Wavetrue
Item:Spray of tiny chiffon shar'nath flowers dotted with black diamondsTildi's Flowers (2)true
Item:Stained glass window with a Qi themeTranslucencetrue
Platinum circlet set with onyx shar'nath blossomsOccasional Treasurestrue
Series of silver-dusted shar'nath flowersTildi's Flowers (3)true
Shar'nath blossomAesry floraNidia's Floral Arrangements (3)true
Smoky blue cotton harness featuring resplendent silver wingsPig Maze 429true
Spray of tiny chiffon shar'nath flowers dotted with black diamondsTildi's Flowers (2)Tildi's Flowers (4)Tildi's Flowers (6)true
Stained glass window with a Qi themeTranslucencetrue

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