Second Cup (2)

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A Second Cup
Event Wren Faire
Owner Tsia
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops, Toy shops, Trinket shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[A Second Cup, Gossip Stop]
The rich scent of chocolate and coffee lingering on the air, the dark brown tent walls, and lanterns shielded with rice paper give this room a quiet coziness that seems apart from the bustle of the outside world. Light glints upon the many jars and boxes sitting on tables along the four walls of the chamber, their contents hidden by its glare on their glassy surfaces. Surrounding a low table that sits opposite the exit flap are several plush leather chairs and padded stools.
You also see an exit flap leading back outside.
Obvious exits: south.

On the walnut table
Item Price Done
warm pot of raspberry hot chocolate 0   No
warming almond mocha 0   No
pot of hazelnut coffee 0   No
glass pot of dark coffee 0   No

Sonorous Sweets

[A Second Cup, Sonorous Sweets]
Dark walnut stands vie with white birch shelves for space upon the walls of this brightly illuminated area. Though the path here splits in several directions, each leading through pinned open flaps to other sections of the tent, the dusky scent of chocolate and coffee lingers upon the air in them all.
Obvious exits: north, east, south.

On the birch stands
Item Price Done
carved stone pear-shaped bottle of mocha 225   !!
frosted glass bottle of hot chocolate 225   !!
smooth clay bottle of coffee 225   !!
mottled grey ceramic bottle of coffee 225   !!
A small parchment card reads:
"A note on the flavors of our wares: The bottles and jugs bear a small tag that describes what it is that you are buying, as you can tell by looking at each one. Make sure that you truly wish the vintage that is contained inside before you make your purchase. I will not refund coin to anyone who fails to heed this advice. ~~Tsia"
On the birch shelves
Item Price Done
stuffed revenant zombie crafted from mottled grey leather covered with tiny black felt flies 4,510   !!
black velveteen velver holding a tiny silver arrow in its fist 4,510   !!
stuffed wir dinego crafted from oddly-shaped scraps of grey and white muslin 4,510   !!

Decadent Delicacies

[A Second Cup, Decadent Delicacies]
The light scent of chocolate and sugary delicacies, coupled with portable glass cases arrayed upon sturdy oak tables, shows this area to be a small confectionary contained within the depths of the tent. The soft murmur of white-clad clerks behind the tables mingles with their hushed footsteps upon the richly carpeted floor to provide a soft babble of background noise, drowned out only occasionally by a guest asking for the price of an item.
Obvious exits: west.

On the glass case
Item Price Done
chocolate-dipped doughnut hole 7   No
In the glass case
Item Price Done
white chocolate rolled coconut ball 16   !!
sweet raspberry chocolate ram with icing mane and tail 28   !!
white chocolate rose with brushed pink petals 25   !!
chocolate dipped orange slice 7   !!
walnut-sprinkled dark chocolate truffle 18   !!
chocolate dipped raspberry rolled in powdered sugar 9   
dark chocolate wren with tiny almond sliver eyes 19   !!
milk chocolate heron with long licorice legs 25   !!
tart lemon candy dove resting in a nest of white chocolate 21   !!
white chocolate rum truffle 18   !!
white chocolate phoenix with strawberry wings 21   !!
minty chocolate deer resting amongst white chocolate leaves 30   !!

Flirtations with Fantasy

[A Second Cup, Flirtations with Fantasy]
Dolls sitting upon the five-level white birch shelves lining the walls provide a curious addition to this coffee shop, though like every other room of the tent the air is permeated with the scent of chocolate and confections. An elaborate brown and white kite hangs from the peak in the room's center, framed on each side by round brass lanterns that serve to illuminate everything below them.
Obvious exits: north.

On the birch shelves
Item Price Done
soft grey velvet stuffed baby gargoyle 4510   No
ice white stuffed fae with gold and green gossamer wings 4510   No
stern Silvyrfrost doll 4510   !!
small satin fae riding a rich scarlet phoenix with coppery silk wings 4510   !!
tipsy cotton fae perched crookedly upon a unicorn with cornsilk hair 4510   No
pure white stuffed baby snowbeast with fluffy fur 4510   !!
soft ebony velvet stuffed frog with rich silvery blue highlights 4510   No