Seasonal Designs

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Seasonal Designs
Festival Rarely available
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Kronars

This shop can be found inside the Seacaves of Peri'el.

[Seasonal Designs, Sales Floor]
A large, open floor supports a long table, a sleek marble counter and some stained shelves that proudly display the proprietor's wares. Though there are many items cluttering the surfaces, there remains ample space for moving around to browse the inventory. A heavy cinnamon scent lingers on the air. You also see a curtained flap leading out, a heavy trunk with some stuff on it and a sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A sign reads:

Welcome To Seasonal Designs!

We pride ourselves on selling premium decorations
for your homes. Each colored gem contains multiple
decorations, generally themed for the never-ending
cycle of seasons.

Please be aware that if you remove one of these
from your home, the resulting gem color may not
match the original purchased one, but your
options will remain the same regardless of its

On the long table
Item Price Done
"These fine gems contain the designs usable with freestanding type homes."
gleaming red gem 100,000   
sparkling blue gem 100,000   !!
polished green gem 100,000   !!
scratched violet gem 100,000   !!
cracked orange gem 100,000   
shiny purple gem 100,000   !!
On the marble counter
Item Price Done
"These fine jewels contain the designs usable with tree type homes."
gleaming yellow jewel 100,000   
sparkling blue jewel 100,000   !!
polished green jewel 100,000   No
scratched violet jewel 100,000   No
On the stained shelves
Item Price Done
"These fine stones contain the designs usable with door type homes."
gleaming red stone 100,000   
sparkling blue stone 100,000   !!
polished green stone 100,000   No
scratched violet stone 100,000   No
On the heavy trunk
Item Price Done
"These fine baubles contain the designs usable with knoll type homes."
gleaming red bauble 100,000   !!
sparkling blue bauble 100,000   !!
polished green bauble 100,000   No
scratched violet bauble 100,000   No
shiny purple bauble 100,000   No