Sable's Tent (2)

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Sable's Tent
Event Web Festival
Owner Sable (2)
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Sable's Tent, Sales]
A cool breeze swirls through Sable's patched canvas tent, causing ribbons on racks to shimmer and the tent flap to flutter. Dirt covers the plain floor, and pale streams of sunlight work their way through the leather of the tent, giving everything a cheery glow. You also see two twining rowan trees, an elegant clothing rack with some stuff on it, a large cedar wardrobe, a sturdy oak rack with some stuff on it, a low table with some stuff on it, an oak hope chest, and a tabard hanger with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the elegant clothing rack
Item Price Done
simple robe with curious silver sigils embroidered about the cuffs and hem 1,250   
floppy grey felt hat trimmed with a black velvet band 375   
goblin skin pouch 1,000   
soft dark grey silk trews that fit snugly about the waist and ankle 6,250   
In the large cedar wardrobe
Item Price Done
sheer dress made of shimmering blue and mauve gossamer that sparkles with threads of glittering silver 2,500   
dashing linen pirate's shirt that hangs open in the front 2,500   No
long white sheet with two lopsided eyeholes cut into it 625   
low cut white silk gown cinched at the waist with a tassled silver cord of satin 9,375   No
giant wooden barrel with two black leather straps at the top and the words "TAELBERT'S INN" stamped across the front 1,250   
low cut black velvet gown cinched at the waist with a tassled red cord of leather 9,375   No
On the sturdy oak rack
Item Price Done
long black feather wings 3,125   
long white feather wings 3,125   !!
gold and green gossamer Fae wings 1,250   No
elaborate black boa made from wild gryphon feathers 62,500   
giant black boots 625   !!
black felt eyepatch 312   
paper crown traced with sparkling gilt foil and sprinkled with glittering dust 937   
tarnished silver halo 1,500   
On the low table
Item Price Done
tarnished silver halo 1,500   
black and silver dragon mask 31,250   
ivory unicorn mask 31,250   
twisted demon mask 12,500   
soft grey kitten mask 25,000   
skull mask 25,000   
exquisite angel mask fastened with long white and dove gray feathers 26,250   No
blue faenrae reaver mask 25,000   
In the oak hope chest
Item Price Done
tattered dress made of a mass of hand-sewn clinging black silk scarves and rags 6,250   
silver silk bodysuit painted with small moons of myriad colors and tiny argent stars 7,500   
suit of black silk painted with the skeletal structure of the body on the front and back 7,500   
long black leathern wings that hang in sweeping tatters 3,125   
patchwork suit of scraps of sluagh and reaver skins sewn together with bits of twine and leather 9,375   
On the tabard hanger
Item Price Done
white silk tabard woven in silver with the emblem of the unicorn of Hodierna 9,375   
fuligin mesh tabard imprinted in shimmering black thread with the emblem of the scorpion of Urrem'tier 9,375   
red satin tabard sewn in brilliant gold thread with the emblem of the wren of Faenella 9,375   
rough brown burlap tabard sewn in black thread with the emblem of the wild boar of Everild 9,375   
creamy white cotton tabard dyed with the sea green emblem of the dolphin of Eluned on it 9,375   
grey doeskin tabard sewn in raised black thread with the emblem of the wolf of Meraud 9,375   
blue linen tabard dyed with the bright green emblem of the lion of Chadatru 9,375   
midnight black velvet tabard embroidered with Damaris' panther 9,375   

[Sable's Tent, Alterations]
This room has a warm, earthy scent to it. Oddly, the ground is carpeted from wall to wall in grass rather than rushes or rugs. Several pillows lie scattered about, and here and there sprout tiny wildflowers. A soft glow filters in through the worn and patched canvas, filling the room with a soft glow. You also see a torn parchment sign.
Obvious exits: east.

The sign is pinned to a support beam with a very sharp dagger.

Sorry! I'm closed! Try again another day.

--Sable Silverpoint