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Renshear Shapan'geur
Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Type: merchant
Relatives: Kiiara

Bowmaster and member of House of the Gilded Longleaf.


Bowmaster Renshear is dead, and the details are unknown.

An unfurled scroll reads:
"I am proud to present my dearly departed uncle Renshear Shapan'geur's masterpieces, 
the make of which was taught to me at his knee.  It is my hope that they do his memory 
justice.  ~ Kiiara Shapan'geur."


You see Bowmaster Renshear Shapan'geur, an Elothean.
He has long straight blue-black hair that is loose, and tanned skin.
He is in his prime for an Elothean.
His eyes--or what might be left of them--are obscured by a simple black blindfold embroidered with a stylized silver eye picked out in platinum thread. From under the blindfold, grievous scars etch themselves deeply into the flesh of his upper cheeks and brow.

He is wearing a dark woolen robe opening down the front from neck to knees, fastened with a series of small hooks and girdled with a thick belt of supple leather over a well-worn suit of Elothean battle leathers, a pair of nicked and pitted platinum bracers bearing the sigil of the House of the Gilded Longleaf, some travel-stained hunting boots and an exquisite coal-black leather boot sheath attached with leather straps and buckles.