Ranger Guildhall (Aesry)

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This Ranger Guildhall is found in in the Blood Wolf hunting area on Aesry.

[Ranger Guild, Cave Mouth]
In the mouth of the cave, pale daylight flickers through the dangling roots like faeries at play. An exquisitely carved mahogany case on the eastern wall looks oddly appropriate for the area. Despite the recent furnishings, time marks this rocky shelter by the endless coat of moss that covers the rock surfaces. A few scattered stones protrude from the brown sand underfoot. You also see a wide crevice.
Obvious exits: north.

[Ranger Guild, Tunnel]
Halfway through the torch-lined tunnel, the ceiling begins to bloat downward, forcing all but the smallest of races to stoop over. Above a small, unattended fire pit, the contents of an iron pot slowly simmer. Gradually the smell of onions, garlic, and some sort of fowl become recognizable, masking the otherwise dank, musty smell of the cave. You also see a trash can and some onionskins.
Obvious exits: northeast, south.

[Ranger Guild, Main Area]
The low tunnel opens into a magnificent cathedral of stalagmites and stalactites veiled in a thin mist of moisture. Amplified by the acoustics of the cavern, water droplets and their echoes perform a natural symphony. To the north, a natural formation of rocks bridges the chasm. You also see a flat-topped boulder with a guild register on it, a mountain lion and the Ranger Guildleader Marion.
Obvious exits: southwest.