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Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime


Commander Ramse, Monster, a Dwarf.

He is the Captain of the galleon, The Bloodworm Comet.

He has some shiny glaes goggles with opaque violet lenses that almost completely obscure hawkish silver eyes. His black hair is long and thick, and is worn pulled up in a topknot. He has weathered skin and a well-muscled build.

He is unusually tall for a Dwarf.

He has a thick mustache and a full beard that is split into thirds and woven into three thick braids that hang down to his waist. Wound around each beard plait is a wide kertig ring graced with a fractured spear of night black zephyr's heart.

He has a tattoo of a skull and crossbones on his neck.

He is wearing a polished chain helm topped with curved horns, an undertaker's cassock buttoned with twin rows of curled pewter scorpions, a bison hide with obsidian eyes, a polished leather harness with a flame-bladed zweihander and an icesteel estoc secured to it, a blackened steel axe harness, some black leather elbow wraps affixed with dagger blades, a skirmisher's shield, a heavy animite shackle engraved with intricate knotwork, some steel spiked knuckles, some stained leather gloves lined in grey fur, a gold ring, a heavily scarred warrior's belt fit with a blackened silver buckle, a heavily scarred warrior's belt fit with a blackened silver buckle, some iron knee spikes, some steel-toed footwraps reinforced with iron bands and some black leather combat boots fitted with heavy steel toe and heel plates.