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Ramerez Huntingsworth
Race Gor'Tog
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime


You are Ramerez Huntingsworth of M'Riss, a Gor'Tog Barbarian.
You have crystal blue eyes. You have dusky olive skin.
You have a tattoo of a blood-red scorpion curled around a black rose on your neck.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing some leathers, a cracked chakrel torque in the shape of a one-eyed skull, a beaten silver armband inlaid with a topaz jackal, a gold medallion symbolizing dedication to Urrem'tier, some sturdy boots wrapped with cougar hide and braided leather, a tattered burlap bag marked "Majikul Supplize", a long azure hooded cloak, a mottled weapon harness formed from patches of tanned skins, a wide leather Therengian war belt riveted with decorative pewter plates, an ancient black ceremonial kilt with intricate pictorial stitching, some mail gloves and a chain balaclava.