Rakash Pre-Moot 435

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This event was held on 20 Ka'len the Sea Drake of 435 AV (July 15, 2020). This gathering was meant for the prospective members of Sfek Vauns Arotru to meet and mingle together for the first time. For other event dates, see the Rakash Moots page.

Informal Announcement

To the Rakash race, via gweth: [Rakash] You hear Siendra thinking, "Hello, dear Rakash! Just a reminder, although I may not have read Katamba right, we're still meeting at the TGSW for perhaps a slightly less melodic but just as fun gathering!"


[The Crossing, Town Green Southwest]
The hedgerow to the west meets the row of tall lunat trees that separates the Town Green from the commercial traffic on Lunat Shade Road due south. The growth is especially dense here, with no way to slip past either of the living fences. The small thorns on the hedges, to keep out stray livestock in search of prime pasture, look daunting in any case.

A Quick Note

Due to the more casual nature of this Moot, there was no set schedule of events or gifts to be given. However, it was found to be quite fruitful for story-telling and song-singing, and for the consumption of fratvarit. This Moot helped lay the groundwork for future Moots and for the Pack itself.

Log of Event

Rakash Pre-Moot 435