Rakash Moot 441 (2)

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This event was held on 24 Nissa the Maiden, of 441 AV (May 26, 2022). For other event dates, see the Rakash Moots page.


A variety of animal sounds announces the arrival of a group of people in the distance, all wearing different bestial masks. One of them calls out, "It's time for the Tavern Troupe's Wild Masquerade Moot! Let's get to the banquet hall in the Crossing Traders' Guild before it begins! I can't wait to show off my mask!" The group flounces away, beckoning for all to follow.


[Traders' Guild, Banquet Room]
A large seven-tiered crystal chandelier is poised high above and casts warm light throughout the room. The dining tables are draped with pure white tablecloths and adorned with centerpieces of freshly cut flowers. Carved mahogany chairs are pulled to the tables, an elegant place setting before each one. Plush gold-flecked deep green carpeting borders the inlaid wood floor that bears the image of a gilded yak and looks well-suited to dancing.


a royal blue watered silk rantija embroidered with animals in masquerade:

The fabric of the cloak is designed to cascade off the wearer's shoulders, perfectly tailored to accommodate all forms. Mingled amid the folds is a menagerie of wild beasts, each embroidered in a multitude of colorful threads and highlighted with a silver outline. Each animal wears the mask of a different creature as they dance together under the silhouette of a dark moon overhead.

Catering by the Ever Wonderful Allye

In the colorful pouch with small animal figures stitched upon it and see some spiced berry cider, a glass of Ram's Blood claret, some cheese-stuffed glayskers, a plate of wood-grilled venison tenderloin served with roasted mushrooms and red bell peppers, some vegetable confetti, a half loaf of piping hot Imperial sourdough served on a small oaken carving board and a thick slice of gooey dark chocolate torte.

Log of Event

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