Rakash Moot 441

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This event was held on 16 Akroeg the Ram, of 441 AV (February 24, 2022). For other event dates, see the Rakash Moots page.


"A group of people draws near, done up in beautiful evening wear and walking close together. They seem to all wear coquettish expressions, and one particularly rakish boy breaks off to flash a wink. "The Sfek Vauns Arotru Pack and The Tavern Troupe are hosting a Puppy Love Moot at the Raven's Court Ballroom! Food, wine, dancing, songs...I hear there's even a Dating Game!" He motions for everyone to follow as he rejoins his group, bumping playfully against one of his companions as they move along."


[The Raven's Court, Ballroom]
Music seems to linger in the air of the ballroom, echoing from the parquet floor and crystal chandeliers. Candlelight reflects off the stained glass windows, which encircle the ceiling. Along the western wall, a screen conceals a small musician's gallery.


a cuddly stuffed wolf with heart-shaped eyes and a lolling pink tongue:

Long silvery-grey fur, coarse in texture and shot through with glitter, covers the stuffed lupine's body. Soft ears and a floofy tail offer perfect petting point for anyone seeking a cuddle, while little marble claws on each paw add a touch of realism. Its face bears a comical expression, with two sparkly red hearts taking the place of its eye and a mouth that's slightly agape, revealing a little pink tongue flopping to one side. A small tag details a simple inscription.

Catering by the Ever Wonderful Allye

In the dusty rose box you see a gold-etched crystal bowl of sweet ambrosia, a triple chocolate cake truffle rolled in toasted coconut and drizzled with caramel, a trencher of stuffed wild mushrooms, a gilded bowl of dragonflower salad drizzled with a bacon vinaigrette, a plate of Siksraja marinated venision medallions served with creamy seashell pasta, a delicate porcelain plate of oysters roasted with shallots and garlic, a broad glass snifter of sienna-hued brandy, a sugar-rimmed goblet of Midnight's Kiss, a glass of iced strawberry lemonade decorated with sugared fruit, and a long-stemmed ruby-red glass rose.

Log of Event

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