Rakash Moot 438

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This event was held on 14 Lirisa the Archer, of 438 AV (May 20th, 2021). For other event dates, see the Rakash Moots page.


This Moot was held at Medir's Tavern, with the gracious host Medir al'Malik providing food and drink for all. Entertainment was arranged by Siendra Vauns'Arotru.

Informal Announcement

"The Sfek Vauns Arotru Pack is hosting a Rakash Moot for all to enjoy! Join the Pack for an evening of singing, storytelling, and spirits at Medir's Tavern, located in the middle of the Chelsea Outlook. Bring your best 'awoo' and a performance to share!"


[Chelsea Overlook, Driftwood Lane]
Patches of bright green moss creep over the low stone wall running along the edge of the bluffs that fall down to the Segoltha's dark silt banks. The rush of the river sings softly below the sounds of horses clopping through the streets and life milling among the thatched cottages and half-timbered buildings. You also see a cozy white block cottage with a silversteel lantern illuminating a sign that reads "MEDIR'S TAVERN".

A Quick Note

As this event was not hosted by an established order, there were no official gifts. The five trivia winners did receive small gift bags filled with various prizes.

Schedule of Performances

  • Zvaisra
  • Vekara
  • Malykai
    • Trivia Intermission
  • Siendra
  • Lupdels
  • Almarius
  • Atvus

Log of Event

Moot 438