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A Quick Bite
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Ranger shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[A Quick Bite, Salesroom]
Something keeps this room perpetually chilly, almost the temperature of an icehouse on a summer day. Gleaming metal walls contrast with the warmth of the hand-polished wooden racks displaying the shop's wares. A large sign hangs over the butcher block counter in one corner. You also see a steel door.

Our merchandise comes from the finest of Gnome tinkerers and offers
the discriminating ranger the ability to keep meat fresh for a longer
period of time than is possible normally.  This generally works out
to extending the life of your provender by a factor of four.  The
boxes on the oaken rack allow the storage of three items, the ones
displayed on the satinwood rack can hold four items, and merchandise
stocked on the goldenwood rack has a capacity of five items.

Besides the wares being offered here for the first time ever, we
have also made arrangements to market other products at the raffles
and auctions held at this faire.  These creations are even more
impressive as they arrest the spoiling of meat entirely.


On the goldenwood rack
Item Price Done
white painted box with an apple-shaped clasp 541,200   !!
painted box decorated with a camouflage pattern 541,200   !!
grey painted box with a knot-shaped clasp 541,200   !!
green painted box with a leaf-shaped clasp 541,200   !!
On the satinwood rack
Item Price Done
canvas-covered box with a copper clasp 360,800   !!
yellow painted box with an enameled clasp 360,800   !!
brown box painted with autumn leaves 360,800   !!
black painted box with an enameled clasp 360,800   !!
On the oak rack
Item Price Done
steel box with a matching clasp 180,400   !!
oak box carved with ivy 180,400   !!
blue painted box with an iron clasp 180,400   !!
leather-covered box with a bronze clasp 180,400   !!